Hollywood Mystery (Hollywood Hoodlum) 1934)

hollywood mystery (hollywood hoodlum) 1934

Mystery is a misnomer. This is actually a comedy about the making of a gangster picture and the stunts pulled by the PR man to get it across. Frank Albertson is fun to watch as PR man Danny Ryan.

The head of Supreme Pictures, Ben Vogel, hires foreign director Siegfried Sonoff who hasn’t done a thing to earn his salary. PR man Danny Ryan wants to get his girlfriend Doris Dawn (June Clyde) as a leading lady. Sonoff is directing a gangster picture called “The Racketeer.” He says he’s a realist and an artist and wants to do it his way. He refuses to put Doris in it. Danny has his work cut out for him.

He convinces Sonoff it would be a great idea to have a real gangster as the lead. Sonoff goes for it. Danny tells him to let Vogel know it was his own idea. Now to find a real gangster.

Danny, Doris and Sonoff go to a roadhouse where gangsters hang out. They spot Tony Capello across the room. Before Danny can send a waiter over to him to set up a meeting Tony starts a brawl by decking someone. Danny can’t talk to him now as Tony races outside and jumps in his car. Danny and company chase him to his home.

Inside Tony keeps refusing to star in the movie. Doris keeps giving him the eye and he accepts. Danny is the only one who knows Tony is a fake. He’s a ham actor Danny hired from back east to come out to Hollywood. It’s all a scam to get Doris in the movie.

The next day’s newspaper tells the story of the brawl. Turns out the man Tony slugged isn’t the one Danny had set up for the stunt. It was real gangster Joe Romano and the paper hints at a gang war. Nobody knows anything about Tony Capello.

Danny tells Ben the truth and says it’ll be great publicity for the picture. Reporters aren’t allowed near the set and no pictures of Tony are allowed. But one of the papers had an extra take a photo and put it on the front page. Now Danny has a dummy in an armored car keep going to Tony’s place while the real Tony stays in the studio.

The movie is finally finished. Before Danny can give the papers the real story Romano is tracking Tony down. This is worth spending time with but don’t expect a lost classic. It’s just an hour of early movie fun.


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No Hiding Place (1959-67)

no hiding place

Another good British cop show. They do have a knack for producing excellent police dramas. This one stars Raymond Francis as Det.Sup.Tom Lockhart and Eric Lander as Det.Inspector Harry Baxter. He left the show after several series.

March 10,1961 episode: “The Widower” – Henry Potter has his wife Stella convinced he’s a scientist doing secret work for MI5. That keeps him away for months at a time. What he’s really doing is using an alias and marrying rich widows and knocking them off.

After one wife dies Harry takes the ring off her finger and puts it on his. While the house is being auctioned off a neighbor, Mrs.Nugget, insists that the ring was left to her and she wants it. Harry tells her to get out. Harry takes off with a bag of jewelry. Mrs.Nugget gets the cops involved but they don’t see anything out of order.

He goes back home and Stella buys his story hook,line and sinker about being out on a case. He reminds her not to say a word to anyone about what he does for living. He’s happy she’s followed his instructions to stay out of his lab which contains plants and chemicals.

On New Year’s Eve he calls Stella from a restaurant. He tells her he’s at the office and needs her to look up a name in a reference book. It has to do with Edith Sudbury who is sitting alone. She’s a rich widow. Harry throws on the charm, uses another alias and they’re married. Stella thinks he’s off on another assignment.

Harry gets Edith some chocolates and it looks like she’s having a heart attack. Then it happens again. His next tactic is to fake heart attack symptoms.

Detective Sally Jordan is having some tea and spots Edith with the ring. Before she can run after her a waitress stops her to pay her bill. She reports to Lockhart and Baxter. Now the Nugget report doesn’t look so unimportant. They investigate and now have a line on Potter from past offenses and that leads them to Stella.

She’s having the house painted and is trying to decide on a color when the detectives call. She takes them to another room and spouts off about Harry’s secret work figuring Scotland Yard knows all about it anyway. The impatient house painter interrupts and she leaves to deal with him.

Lockhart and Baxter look around. They find the plants and books on chemicals. In the desk Baxter finds an address book and a bag of jewelry. The code in the book is easy to figure out.

This is a good procedural and is well worth looking up.

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Narcotic (1933)

narcotic 1933

You’ve been warned kids!

The best way to watch this exploitation movie is to skip the first half hour. It purports to tell the story of surgeon, GP, sometimes dentist, dope addict and snake oil salesman Dr.William G.Davies.

In college one of his pals is Gee Wu (J.Stuart Blackton,Jr.) who spits out more aphorisms than Charlie Chan. He likes opium.

Now Davies (Harry Cording) is out of college and works in a free clinic. He’s considered a big hero when he saves a baby after the mother was killed in an accident when her car was hit by a train. She was trying to cross the tracks ahead of it. He gets a visit from Gee Wu who can’t help but notice how tired he is from all that work. He takes him to an opium den and Davies is addicted.

One day he sees a sidewalk con man selling some kind of super glue for a quarter and that gives him an idea. He’ll come up with his own cure all formula and sell it outdoors. He calls it Tiger-Fat.  His nurse is his fiancee and thinks it’s unethical. That doesn’t stop him. She marries him anyway.

Davies finally takes the cure in a hospital but upon release continues his old ways. The marriage heads downhill. He ends up as a carnival barker with a few assistants selling his cure all. The money rolls in.

Now it’s time for the must see part of the movie,. The scroll tells us we’re going to see the rarely seen dope party. Davies and his new upper class friends have their choice of cocaine, heroin and morphine. The lines, the spoken ones, are so bad the segment has to be viewed at least once.

After this we see the deterioration of Davies because he may be able to get dope out of the body but not out of the mind so…it goes right back into the body. He sinks so low even the snakes go nuts.

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Bloody Pit Of Horror (1965)

bloody pit of horror 1965

Think of the worst movie you’ve ever seen. Then ask yourself if there could possibly be anything worse. The answer…..it’s right here. Mickey Hargitay is very lucky his voice was dubbed so he didn’t have to say any of the most asinine dialogue found anywhere. He’s more famous for being married for a while to Jayne Mansfield than anything else. His last acting role was playing a grandfather in the “Control” episode of “Law And Order:Special Victims Unit” in 2003. To make this even more entertaining the credits brag that it’s shot in Psychovision.

The awful soundtrack is the first hint that is going nowhere fast. It opens hundreds of years ago in the castle of the Crimson Crusader. He kills anyone he feels is impure. Finally he’s caught and tossed into an iron maiden. Of course he vows revenge.

Now it’s the present day. Horror book publisher Max Parks is scouting locations for photographing some book covers. Among the people with him are a group of babes known as The Cover Girls. They all drive up to a castle. No one answers the bell so Perry climbs a wall and lets them in.

Nobody home. Yes there is. The owner wants them out…now! Max says they didn’t mean to break in it’s just that no one answered the door. Oh okay. They get the nod to stay overnight and then leave in the morning. That’s all Max needs to hear.

There’s a long sequence where they take the cover shots. The soundtrack gets even worse. Then it happens. Perry is under a spiked device that hangs from the ceiling. The rope breaks and Perry is now a shish kabob. One of the girls, Edith, sees a painting on a wall. She recognizes it as Hollywood muscleman actor Travis Anderson (Mickey Hargitay) who suddenly disappeared. Amazing but true.Hhe’s the mysterious owner of the castle.

Now things get really nuts. Raoul and Suzy go to the basement to fool around in front of the iron maiden. Travis is getting steamed at the invasion of privacy. He has some servants with him that are supposed to be good with bows and arrows and like to wear striped shirts.

Rick (Walter Brandt) is getting suspicious and sends one of his guys to get the coppers. With that arrow through him he’ll be driving in circles for quite a while. Edith finally confronts Travis and his story comes out. Then…..he goes real psycho and is costumed as the Crimson Crusader.

What goes on from here on out is so amazingly bad it’s almost impossible to believe someone didn’t stop this before it was too late. One sequence has Hawaiian babe Kinojo trapped in a spider web of wires. A poisonous fake spider is moving towards her. If any of the wires break an arrow will be released. Perry decides to crawl under it and rescue her while a horrified Edith looks on. At this point you can take the dog for a walk since Perry isn’t the fastest rescuer in the movies. By the time you get back and Fido is too dried out to lift his leg towards the screen or whatever you watch this on, Perry was too late.

Okay. Now Hargitay takes over and this is one of the most embarrassing things any actor or near actor has ever had to do. You may even find yourself feeling sorry for him. Maybe you should see it if you’re in the mood to make total fun of a movie. You may even be glued to it until it mercifully comes to an end.

Mickey asks, "How did I get trapped into this garbage? Somebody help me!!!"

Mickey asks, “How did I get trapped into this garbage? Somebody help me!!!”


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Gold-Chuck Berry 2 CD’S

1-1 Maybellene 2:22
1-2 Wee Wee Hours 3:06
1-3 Thirty Days 2:25
1-4 You Can’t Catch Me 2:45
1-5 Down bound Train 2:52
1-6 No Money Down 3:00
1-7 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2:19
1-8 Roll Over Beethoven 2:25
1-9 Too Much Monkey Business 2:57
1-10 Havana Moon 3:09
1-11 School Days 2:43
1-12 Rock And Roll Music 2:34
1-13 Oh Baby Doll 2:39
1-14 Sweet Little Sixteen 3:04
1-15 Guitar Boogie 2:22
1-16 Reelin’ & Rockin’ 3:18
1-17 Johnny B. Goode 2:42
1-18 Around And Around 2:41
1-19 Beautiful Delilah 2:11
1-20 House Of Blue Lights 2:29
1-21 Carol 2:50
1-22 Jo Jo Gunne 2:48
1-23 Memphis, Tennessee 2:15
1-24 Sweet Little Rock & Roller 2:24
1-25 Little Queenie 2:44
1-26 Almost Grown 2:21
2-1 Back In The U.S.A 2:30
2-2 Do You Love Me 2:25
2-3 Betty Jean 2:28
2-4 Childhood Sweetheart 2:45
2-5 Let It Rock 1:49
2-6 Too Pooped To Pop 2:37
2-7 I Got To Find My Baby 2:18
2-8 Don’t You Lie To Me 2:05
2-9 Bye Bye Johnny 2:07
2-10 Jaguar & Thunderbird 1:52
2-11 Down The Road Apiece 2:17
2-12 Confessin’ The Blues 2:11
2-13 I’m Talking About You 1:51
2-14 Come On 1:51
2-15 Nadine (Is It You?) 2:37
2-16 You Never Can Tell 2:45
2-17 Promised Land 2:26
2-18 No Particular Place To Go 2:45
2-19 Dear Dad 1:52
2-20 I Want To Be Your Driver 2:17
2-21 Tulane 2:39
2-22 My Ding-A-Ling (Live, Single Edit) 4:19
2-23 Reelin’ & Rockin’ (Live) 7:05
2-24 Bio 4:24

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Texas Cyclone (1932)

texas cyclone 1932

A chance to see an early John Wayne and Tim McCoy with what has to be the dumbest looking hat in all westerns. His horse Pal even has a snicker ready to go. In this one Tim plays a man everyone thought dead. Tim lets them think that for a while.

Texas Grant rides into the town of Stampede. He doesn’t see some men about to draw on him. They think he’s Jim Rawlings who was shot in the back five years ago and left for dead. Bartender Hefty gets him to keep the masquerade going.

As he walks out of the saloon someone throws a knife at him and only gets the door. A man named Becker (Wheeler Oakman) calls him yellow and the speeded up fight scene is on. Of course Tex is the winner by a knockout. He also gets the best of a man who tries to shoot him.

Tex rides out to the Diamond R ranch where Jim’s widow Helena (Shirley Grey) lives with her housekeeper Kate. Helena faints when she sees him. He finally convinces her that he’s really just good ol’ Tex. Kate fills him in about how Helena is trying to keep the ranch going even though her cattle are being rustled by Becker and his gang..

Tex decides to take matters into his own hands. He goes to the bunkhouse and takes names. The foreman, Nick Lawler, takes exception and another speeded fight is on. Tex fires everybody except young Steve Pickett (John Wayne). Tex goes to town and sends a telegram to get ten pals to come to town and help him straighten things out.

Back at the Diamond R Steve sees Lawler and one of the men rustling cattle and shoots one of them. He’s also wounded and his horse charges back to the ranch. Tex nabs Lawler and takes him to sheriff Lew Collins (Walter Brennan). It looks like Becker and his gang are in for a tough time.

There’s a twist at the end that’s no big surprise but it is a fun hour long western and it is interesting to see a young Duke.


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Count Basie-Sarah Vaughan (1962)

[2:10] 1. Perdido
[3:56] 2. Lover Man
[2:53] 3. I Cried For You
[3:53] 4. Alone
[3:09] 5. There Are Such Things
[2:48] 6. Mean To Me
[2:43] 7. The Gentleman Is A Dope
[4:50] 8. You Go To My Head
[3:07] 9. Until I Met You
[3:21] 10. You Turned The Tables On Me
[4:50] 11. Little Man (You’ve Had A Busy Day)
[2:50] 12. Teach Me Tonight
[2:42] 13. If I Were A Bell
[2:48] 14. Until I Met You

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