The Real…Henry Mancini-The Ultimate Collection 3 CD’S

CD 1
Playtime: 54:03

01. Peter Gunn (2:09)
02. Moon River (2:42)
03. Mr. Yunioshi (2:32)
04. Baby Elephant Walk (2:45)
05. Happy Barefoot Boy (2:51)
06. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (2:47)
07. Misty (3:17)
08. Frish Frosh (2:54)
09. Pie-In-The-Face Polka (2:25)
10. Big Noise From Winnetka (2:39)
11. The Brothers Go To Mothers (2:57)
12. Goofin’ At The Coffee House (4:14)
13. Mr. Lucky (2:15)
14. Blue Mantilla (2:33)
15. Theme from “Hatari” (2:57)
16. Charade (Main Title) (2:11)
17. Latin Snowfall (2:34)
18. Lujon (2:40)
19. Just For Tonight (2:05)
20. Moon River Cha Cha (2:37)
CD 2
Playtime: 57:41

01. The Pink Panther Theme (2:38)
02. A Shot In The Dark (2:33)
03. Walkin’ Bass (4:24)
04. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head (2:27)
05. Midnight Cowboy (2:08)
06. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (3:20)
07. The Inspector Clouseau Theme (2:59)
08. Dream Street (3:52)
09. The Party (3:10)
10. The Girl In No Man’s Land (3:36)
11. Darling Lili (2:50)
12. Two For The Road (2:43)
13. We’ve Loved Before (Yasmin’s Theme) (2:54)
14. It Had Better Be Tonight (1:58)
15. The Sweetheart Tree (1:57)
16. In The Arms Of Love (2:37)
17. Dreamsville (3:55)
18. Candlelight On Crystal (3:06)
19. Birdie Num-Num (2:21)
20. Pennywhistle Jig (2:11)
CD 3
Playtime: 55:52

01. The Windmills Of Your Mind (3:01)
02. Experiment In Terror (2:19)
03. Bagdad On Thames (3:02)
04. Mambo Parisienne (2:34)
05. Disco (2:07)
06. Theme from “Shaft” (4:00)
07. The Godfather Theme (3:35)
08. The Magnificent Seven (2:08)
09. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (3:09)
10. Moonlight Sonata (2:53)
11. Theme from “Love Story” (2:51)
12. Love Theme from “Romeo And Juliet” (2:34)
13. Days Of Wine And Roses (2:09)
14. Theme from “The Molly Maguires” (3:08)
15. “The Thorn Birds” Theme (3:04)
16. The Summer Knows (3:28)
17. The Untouchables (Theme) (2:32)
18. Mystery Movie Theme (1:59)
19. Theme from “Cade’s County” (2:04)
20. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (3:15)


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Forbidden Jungle (1950)

forbidden jungle 1950

Hands down this is one of the absolute worst movies ever made. No debate. It contains the usual stock footage of animals. When they couldn’t think of any more inane dialogue for the so-called actors to stumble through we’re treated with the antics of a group of chimps. A soundstage stands in for a jungle.

Tom Burton is a successful hunter. This time he’s been hired by a wealthy client to find out if there really is a boy living in the jungle. He stands to make some big bucks. He has a tiger in a cage that he brings with him because he got the assignment before he could hop a plane with his maneating pal.

Tom, the tiger and his natives stop into a village where Trader Kirk lives. Kirk tells him animals can’t be killed. That’s the law. So there. Tom tells him he’s looking for the son of Cyrus Adams who died along with his wife in the jungle. His client is the boys grandfather. He wants the boy brought back to America. Kirk says he lives in the forbidden jungle where no white man has ever returned.

In the jungle is a boy named Tawa (Robert Cabal) who plays with all the animals, lions, a panther,a snake and assorted chimps. Native girl Nita stops by from the village to warn him about Tom. While Tom and his natives head into the forbidden jungle Nita takes Tawa back to see Kirk. He tells Tawa about his background and how he raised him. He warns him that Tom wants to take him back with him.

Tom finally spots Tawa. His lion pal is sitting near him looking really bored. Can’t fault him for that. Tawa convinces Tom to put his rifle down and shows him how he communicates with the lion. He and Tom become pals and gets excited when he hears about Broadway.

For whatever reason a native poisons Tom’s water supply. Nita and Tawa nurse Tom back to health in twelve days. Those wacky chimps manage to let the tiger loose. Tawa thinks he can handle him and give him some therapy. The tiger isn’t interested and starts a fight with the panther and then takes on all comers. He’s even got his eye on Tom and Tawa. Will Tawa ever get to walk along Broadway?

You will be amazed at how bad a movie can be. This is not so bad it’s good. It is beyond putrid. If you dare to watch it at home make sure to keep a window open to let the stink out.

Robert Cabal played Hey Soos on “Rawhide” (1959-65).


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Oh! Mr.Porter! (1937)

oh,mr.porter! 1937

Will Hay is never off screen in this classic comedy about a station master of a train station in rural Northern Ireland. He’s a lesson in comic acting.

William Porter (Will Hay) works for the railroad. There isn’t a job he can do. He says he wants to be a station master and his sister gets him his wish. He ends up in Buggleskelly. He’s dropped off in the rain two miles from the station because the locals believe the ghost of One Eyed Joe haunts the station and no one goes there after dark.

When he finally gets there he meets the acting station master Harbottle and a young porter named Albert. They gleefully tell him the fate of past station masters. Some have died and others have gone crazy.

The railway is supposed to be looking after a litter of pigs for a local farmer. He doesn’t know that all but one has been turned into breakfast for Hardbottle and Albert. Another scam they run is selling tickets to destinations where there aren’t any trains to take anyone there. The locals trade goods for tickers.

To improve things Porter decides to put together an excursion to Connemara. He goes to the local pub to sell tickets and ends up in a donnybrook. To get away he sneaks into a back room and runs into a man wearing an eye patch. He says his name is Joe and buys all the tickets. He says they’re for his football team. Porter doesn’t know they’re really running guns to the Irish Free State.

Joe and the “team” get on board and the train takes off. Everyone thinks Porter is nuts because the train is missing and no one believes it was there in the first place. He’s determined to track it down. There’s a good sight gag involving a windmill and then a long train ride.

Will Hay isn’t talked about much these days. Here’s a chance to check out one of the pioneers of British comedy.

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Sorry! (1981-88)


Ronnie Corbett of “The Two Ronnies” fame plays Timothy Lumsden a forty-one year old librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and Sydney his henpecked father. He’d like to be able to leave home and get a woman but he can’t stand up to Mum. She’s played by Barbara Lott. Dad is played by William Moore. The show can be hard to take as a lot of the jokes fall flat and the mother role lacks a decent sense of humor. Moore is funny as the father.

April 29,1982 episode: “Perchance To Dream” –  Timothy is so nervous about an upcoming job interview he’s having nightmares. The first one has him back at school as his adult self. He can’t answer any of the headmasters questions. He wakes up in the kitchen.

His mother says he must get a haircut before the interview and she’ll give him one. She’s distracted when Sydney tries to hide that he’s smoking a cheroot. Timothy wonders if he should see someone involved with Freud. Sydney tells him not to us language like that.

Later Sydney overhears him leaving a long message for a psychiatrist. He’s explaining how his father ruined a sexual experience for him when he was young. Sydney tells him about his dream of being in a harem. It was spoiled when Timothy barged in. Later on Timothy dreams he’s a cabin boy and the Captain is the headmaster. He’s in trouble again and runs through a locked door. There’s Sydney and his harem.

He gets to the psychotherapist’s office and is surprised that it’s a woman he has to talk to about his problem. She tells him not to worry about the interview and just enjoy himself. He should also change the suit he’s wearing that his mother bought him because it’s boring.

Back home he has to keep avoiding his mother so he can change into a red sweater and blue ascot. At the interview he makes an idiot of himself. Now he has to go home and report to mother.

Corbett really got on my nerves in this episode and I wished I had skipped it.

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All Over Town (1937)

all over town 1937

The manic team of Olsen and Johnson and murder in the theater. The movie is loaded with their unique brand of mayhem.

Olsen and Johnson hit town to get away from creditors. They have a trained seal named Sally who blows horns and fires a gun. They try and get a job at the Eldridge Theater that’s owned by Joan Eldridge (Mary Howard). The place is said to be jinxed. Joan has to tell them there isn’t any show and the place is closed.

William Bailey has her convinced he’s a friend and wants her to sell the place. Back at the rooming house Olsen and Johnson get a letter and a check for a hundred fifty dollars. A filling station they owned has been sold. They’re overheard talking about how they’re worth a million. Now everyone thinks they’re oil millionaires and will back a show. Bailey has been trying to get the theater for investor Pete Philips and doesn’t want the show to open in case it’s a hit. Phillips is angry at Bailey and warns him not to go back on the deal..

Pianist Don Fletcher (Harry Stockwell) convinces everyone to put on a show for free.  The costumer (Franklin Pangborn) isn’t happy but the show must go on. During rehearsal Bailey is getting into it and really likes the show. Then he’s murdered by gunshot. Olsen and Johnson think Sally did it. They hide the gun in a bucket of fish and then think Sally swallowed it. They go to an amusement park with Inspector Murphy (Fred Kelsey). Sally is with them. They all get on a roller coaster hoping Sally will bring up the gun. The men get dizzy but Sally has a lot of fun.

Back at the theater it’s discovered Sally’s gun is the wrong caliber. Olsen and Johnson convince the owner of a mackerel company to sponsor a radio broadcast from the theater. They say they’ll name the murderer. They really don’t know who dun it.

There are a lot of Olsen and Johnson routines throughout the movie. They’re credited with being a huge influence in comedy and one of the most successful teams ever. They’re brand of lunacy isn’t for everyone but from a historical perspective comedy fans should see them.



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Paradise Express (1937)

paradise express 1937

Dorothy Appleby is a charmer but Harry Davenport is just about impossible to take as a fist pounding, yelling irascible old man in the story of a crooked trucking firm about to put a small railroad out of business.

Jed Carson (Harry Davenport) has no choice but to file for bankruptcy as the Armstrong Trucking Company is driving his railroad out of business. Lawrence Doyle (Grant Withers) is appointed as receiver. His cost cutting measures have cost a lot of jobs. Now two more employees, an engineer, Tom Wilson, and a fireman are told their jobs are history.

Doyle and Carson’s niece Kay (Dorothy Appleby) go out to talk to farmers to try and get their business back. It’s the usual situation that starts with a misunderstanding before the two start falling for each other. They convince two farmers to give them another try.

One farmer has a load of tomatoes and the other lettuce. Each has a boxcar nearby to load up. That night Armstrong sends one of his boys, Stymie, to do some sabotage. One load is sprayed with gasoline and the other is sent down the track and wrecked.

Things get worse for Larry as Armstrong tells Jed that he’s the one who had Larry appointed as receiver. Larry gets a new ruling from the ICC that the railroad can meet the trucking company’s lower rates. The Farmer’s Cooperatives has a lucrative contract up for grabs. Larry has Tom try and break a speed record to the town of Paradise so they can get the contract. Once again sabotage gets the train wrecked and Tom and the fireman killed. The town blames Larry for using old equipment. The mob comes after Larry but Jed stands up for him and everyone calms down.

Jed can’t present a contract to the Cooperative. Only Larry can do that since the line is in receivership. To prevent Larry from getting to the meeting Armstrong has his main man Stymie kidnap him and lock him in a train that’s on its way out of town. Larry manages to escape and get to the meeting. He convinces the farmers to award the contract to the winner of a race between the train and the trucks. Armstrong has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

This would have been an okay movie but Davenport’s over the top character is just too much.

If Dorothy Appleby looks familiar that’s because she was in a number of the Three Stooges comedies.

Dorothy Appleby

Dorothy Appleby




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The Real…Benny Goodman-The Ultimate Benny Goodman Collection 3 CD’s

CD 1
01. Six Flats Unfurnished [03:17]
02. Lets Dance [02:35]
03. Flying Home [03:17]
04. Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special) [02:55]
05. A Smooooth One [03:19]
06. Scarecrow [03:04]
07. Clarinet A La King [02:54]
08. Jersey Bounce [02:55]
09. Mission To Moscow [02:38]
10. Body And Soul [02:59]
11. After You’ve Gone [02:32]
12. Liza (All The Clouds’ll Roll Away) [02:58]
13. King Porter Stomp [02:55]
14. Down South Camp Meetin [03:02]
15. South Of The Border Down (Mexico Way) [03:11]
16. Wrappin It Up [03:11]
17. Dont Be That Way [04:14]
18. The Man I Love [03:35]
19. I Got Rhythm [04:53]
20. Honeysuckle Rose (Live) [16:44]

CD 2
01. Bugle Call Rag [03:00]
02. Cabin In The Sky [03:18]
03. I See A Million People [02:44]
04. Big John’s Special [03:08]
05. Get Happy [03:08]
06. Thats The Way It Goes [03:09]
07. Superman [04:34]
08. How Deep Is The Ocean [03:06]
09. Oh Baby [08:46]
10. There’s A Small Hotel [02:31]
11. You Turned The Tables On Me [02:50]
12. Not A Care In The World [03:23]
13. It Never Entered My Mind [03:00]
14. Taking A Chance On Love [03:10]
15. Let’s Do It [02:03]
16. How Long Has This Been Going On [03:16]
17. Sing Sing Sing With A Swing [12:04]
18. Not Mine [03:19]
19. Moonglow [03:13]
20. Rose Room [02:50]

CD 3
01. Bewitched [03:23]
02. Amapola [03:02]
03. I’m Nobody’s Baby [02:46]
04. When Buddha Smiles [03:12]
05. Goody Goody [02:32]
06. Can’t Teach My Old Heart New Tricks (From ‘Hollywood Hotel’) [03:05]
07. Wholly Cats [03:05]
08. Busy As A Bee (I’m Buzz, Buzz, Buzzin’) [03:13]
09. Rachel’s Dream [02:55]
10. Ridin’ High [02:39]
11. Somebody Nobody Loves [03:22]
12. Sunny Disposish [02:11]
13. Sweet Leilani [02:15]
14. Everything I Love [03:05]
15. Roll ‘Em [04:17]
16. Life Goes To A Party [03:44]
17. Avalon [04:14]
18. Swingtime In The Rockies [02:32]
19. The Fable Of The Rose [03:11]
20. My Gal Sal [03:56]
21. Stealin’ Apples [05:33]
22. Winter Weather [03:02]
23. I Thought About You [02:34]
24. What’s The Matter With Me [03:05]

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