The Pearl Of Death (1944)

the pearl of death 1944

Ninth entry in the fourteen movie series starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. It’s loosely based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1904 story “The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons.” Dennis Hoey is Inspector Lestrade and Mary Gordon makes a brief appearance as Mrs.Hudson.

The valuable Borgia Pearl is coming to London via a ship to Dover. Master crook Giles Conover’s partner Naomi Drake (Evelyn Ankers) manages to steal it. She convinces an elderly clergyman to take a camera through customs for her. She’s says she’s afraid they’ll open it an expose the film. She figures they won’t question a clergyman.

Giles is waiting in a cab. He opens the camera. No pearl. Just a note from Sherlock Holmes. Some clergyman. That night at the museum Holmes is shown the security system. Holmes finds a flaw and turns off the electricity. An employee takes the opportunity to steal the pearl and go out through a window. It was Giles. Holmes has egg on his face.

Giles is caught but the pearl is missing and Lestrade has to release him. Now a military man is murdered. His back is broken and there’s smashed china everywhere. Holmes thinks it looks like the work of The Creeper (Rondo Hatton). Lestrade says it can’t be because he’s dead.

Now an elderly woman is murdered in the same manner. Holmes discovers both murdered people had newly cast busts of Napoleon. He tracks down the shop where the busts came from. The girl behind the counter looks familiar.

This is a good entry in the series.

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Dixon Of Dock Green (1955-76)

Jack Warner as PC George Dixon

Jack Warner as PC George Dixon

Jack Warner stars as PC George Dixon. He appeared throughout the series long run. It had a little bit of everything from drama to comedy. The series wasn’t the usual shoot ’em up, car chase police series. It ambled along as crimes were solved.

September 1,1956 episode: “Father-In-Law” – It’s a big day in Dixon’s life. His daughter Mary is going to marry Detective Constable Andy Crawford. She brings in three girlfriends, two of whom will take part in the ceremony. Her friend Pam says she can’t because her fiancee was killed before their wedding. She’s afraid she would break down and destroy the ceremony.

Sgt.Grace Millard and Sgt.Flint check out the hall where the reception will be held. Grace says there’s something familiar about the woman who is checking coats. She can’t figure it out.

The ceremony is over and now it’s time to party. Dixon even invited Billy The Tramp who he’s known a long time. Billy likes his booze but is on his best behavior. Everything is going great but there’s a crisis in the cloak room.

Guest Frank Meek left his wallet in his overcoat because it was too stuffed with papers to carry in his suit. Now it’s missing. His first suspect is Billy and he wants him searched. Billy says no unless everyone else is also searched. Then Grace remembers where she’s seen the woman behind the coat counter. She’s been busted twice for shoplifting. Before she’s accused someone surprisingly confesses.


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Terrified (1963)

terrified 1963

If you like to watch movies just to see how much worse they can get….here ya go.

Joey is lying in a grave as the cement pours in. He sees a masked man. He asks who he is and the man says he knows him. Joey’s mind snaps right before the opening credits.

Mr.and Mrs.Hawley are driving along, probably headed for a bad actors convention, when a car is coming straight at them. They narrowly avoid it. Shaken up they stop at a diner run by Wesley Blake (Stephen Roberts). He gives them their drinks on the house.

At another table are college students David Baker (Steve Drexler) and Marge (Tracy Olsen) the hostess. They’re joined by their friend Ken Lewis (Rod Lauren). He’s a psychology student who is writing a midterm paper on terror. He says he was almost run off the road.

Marge wants to go to ghost town, an old west ghost town outside of town. She wants to ask caretaker Crazy Bill about her brother Joey. On the way David confesses that he’s attracted to her and she says she doesn’t want to have to choose just yet between him and Ken. They talk about her family and how her father and mother died in accidents. David says it looks like someone may be trying to get rid of everyone close to her so they can have her.

(At this point if you were paying attention, a bit of dialogue earlier on gives the whole thing away and you won’t have to watch anymore).

When they get there they can’t find Crazy. They get a weird feeling and then hear some strange organ music. They head to the cemetery and there’s Crazy. His body is impaled on the spikes of a fence.

Ken drives up. Marge and David say they’re going to report Crazy’s death to the sheriff (Denver Pyle). Now Ken is on his own. No he’s not. There’s a masked lunatic dogging his trail. He locks him in a room so Ken can freak out about spiders. Ken breaks out and runs around. He goes into the old jailhouse and sees a noose. A voice tells him to put it around his neck. Ken is not in a cooperative mood.

Now the lunatic tries to shoot him. He’s a bad shot. He does manage to have Ken fall through a trap door so he can strangle him until he passes out. When he comes to water is pouring out of a pipe. Ken asks to be let out. A voice says he’s going to die…but not just yet.

Meanwhile Marge and David stop at a diner so David can call the sheriff. Two of their friends are there and tell Marge Joey hit a guard over the head and escaped from the hospital. The dispatcher tells David the sheriff is bringing a prisoner in with the original name of Killer Jones. When he dumps him off he’ll be at the cemetery.

By now Ken is let out of his trap and is able to start running around again. Not much luck this time as he caught and buried alive. Marge and David come back and notice Ken’s car is gone. Now they hear that organ music again. The masked man is  trying his talent at the keys. He doesn’t have much.

Unlike Ken, Marge and David walk instead of run around. The ending is a while in coming….or maybe it just seems that way. If you have eighty minutes to throw away, here’s the trash can.


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London Belongs To Me (Dulcimer Street) (1948)

london belongs to me (dulcimer street) (1948)

The movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. It tries drama, suspense, murder, comedy and even psychics and mediums. It centers around a rooming house at number ten Dulcimer Street and the assorted characters that live there.

The house is run by Mrs. Vizzard, The tenants are Mr.and Mrs.Josser and their daughter Doris, the elderly Connie Coke, Percy Boon (Richard Attenborough) and his doting mother and the con man Mr.Squales (Alastair Sim). Dropping by to visit the Jossers is Uncle Henry who thinks the country is headed for war and nobody cares.

Percy makes a few pounds repainting and repairing a stolen car. He gets half the money up front. He steals the hood ornament and gives it to Doris as a Christmas present. Kay Walton, the cashier at an arcade digs him but he avoids her to spend time with Doris.

Connie Coke manages to keep from paying her rent and likes to sponge off the Jossers. She tells Percy she can get him into a club where she’s a hostess. He takes Doris there. Connie actually works in the cloak room. No matter. Percy and Doris do some dancing.

A man starts talking with Doris and seems to want to get her out of there. Turns out he’s a cop and leads a raid. Doris is taken to the police station while Percy, thanks to Connie, gets away. That doesn’t bode well for their relationship.

Percy is gypped out of the final payment for the job he did on the car. He decides he’ll steal one and make it over. He drives to the garage and when he comes back to the car after opening it, Kay is in the front seat. She wants a ride home. He says no but then a cop is making his rounds and he decides to take her.

Percy is nervous. A cop tries to flag him down as he approaches an accident scene. He blows right by him. Kay wants out. She grabs for the keys and the two have a shoving match. The door is defective and she falls out. He pulls over and goes to check on her. She’s dead. He puts the door handle in his pocket and goes home.

Meanwhile Mrs. Vizzer goes to a seance. The group’s guest medium has everyone’s attention except for one skeptic. When the lights are turned on Mrs.Vizzer recognizes Mr.Squales. Let the romance begin.

One night Mr.Squales sees Percy leaving carrying the door handle. Percy drops it in the river. He doesn’t know he’s being followed. A man from the seance group stops by to see Mrs.Vizzer. He tells her that Squales is a fake. There goes that future.

She tells him to get out. Squales pretends to go into a trance and predicts someone will be arrested for murder. Sure enough the cops nail Percy. Bad luck for Bill. He’s the cop who tries to warn Doris at the club and since started a relationship with her. This puts a real dent in it.

Now things take a comedic turn that is just dumb. Maybe there’s a good movie in here…somewhere. Too bad it all falls apart.

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Calypso-Is Like So-Robert Mitchum (1957)


A1 Jean And Dinah
A2 From A Logical Point Of View
A3 Not Me
A4 What Is This Generation Coming To?
A5 Tic, Tic, Tic
A6 Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
B1 I Learn A Merengue, Mama
B2 Take Me Down To Lover’s Row
B3 Mama, Looka Boo Boo
B4 Coconut Water
B5 Matilda, Matilda
B6 They Dance All Night

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Massacre Time (1966)

massacre time 1966

Franco Nero is a one man wrecking crew in this minor entry from the spaghetti holster.Nothing different from all the others and you can tell the Leone touch is missing along with Clint and Van Cleef. The theme song is awful. Still it’s not all that bad thanks to the last twenty minutes of expected mayhem. Tchang Yu has a running gag as an elderly Chinaman who keeps quoting Confucius and getting Tom to pay for everything. He’s also the town blacksmith, undertaker and saloon piano player. He can also use his pipe as a blow gun.

Tom Corbett (Franco Nero) is in a camp where men are panning for gold. He gets an urgent message to get back home. He’s not told why. When he rides back he can’t help but notice the Scott brand is on everything, including the farm where he grew up.

The town is run by the psycho Junior Scott. A family is riding their wagon out of town. Junior wants to have some fun. One of his men asks the father why they’d leave a place where they buried their dead. He says they haven’t done that. Junior kills the mans’ son. So much for that theory.

Tom finds his brother Jeff (George Hilton) in a shack, drunk. With him is the family’s Indian servant Mercedes. Jeff tells him to leave town. Tom is determined to see Carradine, the family friend who sent the message.

That night in the saloon a drunken Jeff starts trouble while Tom looks on. Finally when the odds are against him Tom steps in. That makes Juniors’ men leave. Tom can’t understand why they leave him alone. Jeff knows but he’s not telling.

Tom finally gets to Carradine’s ranch. He’s having dinner with the family and tells Tom they have to talk outside. Junior and his men ride by and kill Carradine and then his whole family.

Tom goes to the Scott ranch. Junior grabs a whip and shows Tom he knows how to use it. Finally his father makes him stop and a bloody Tom rides off saying that he’ll be back.  In town Mercedes tells Tom to leave the Scotts’ alone. That’s when Junior rides by and kills Mercedes. This time Jeff sobers up and rides with Tom to the ranch.

They’re met by six guards. They won’t let them through. After Jeff kills them all the brothers ride on. They meet up with three more guards. They’re history. Next up is Scott Senior and some men. He tells Tom what’s going on. It won’t be long before the sky is filled with lead.

As totally unbelievable as the ending is it fits right in as you’ll root for the good guys.

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The Rough Guide To Blues Women-Various Artists


1. Ruth Willis – Man of My Own 3:02
2. Ma Rainey – Stack O’ Lee Blues 2:55
3. Elvie Thomas, Geeshie Wiley – Pick Poor Robin Clean 3:12
4. Bessie Smith – Careless Love Blues 3:24
5. Memphis Jug Band, Hattie Hart – Cocaine Habit Blues 2:51
6. Mattie Delaney – Down the Big Road Blues 3:12
7. Bertha “Chippie” Hill – Trouble in Mind 2:51
8. Lottie Kimbrough – Rolling Log Blues 3:20
9. Louise Johnson – By the Moon and Stars 2:50
10. Kate McTell – God Don’t Like It 2:49
11. Hattie Hudson – Black Hand Blues 3:09
12. Memphis Minnie – Frisco Town 2:53
13. Sara Martin – T’ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do 2:57
14. Pearl Dickson – Little Rock Blues 3:04
15. Sippie Wallace – Parlor Social De Luxe 3:12
16. Irene Scruggs – Itching Heel 3:19
17. Leola Manning – The Arcade Building Moan 3:08
18. Nellie Florence – Midnight Weeping Blues 2:59
19. Little Mae – Mama Don’t Want It 2:56
20. Mamie Smith – Crazy Blues 3:21
21. Lucille Bogan – Shave ‘Em Dry 2:48
22. Bertha Lee – Mind Reader Blues 2:53
23. Ida Cox – Moanin’ Groanin’ Blues 2:44
24. Mae Glover – I Ain’t Givin’ Nobody None 2:48
25. Victoria Spivey – Hoodoo Man Blues 2:41

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