Robert McCammon-Swan Song (1987)

Bar none, this is the finest end of the world novel ever! A strange group that includes an ex-wrestler named Black Frankenstein go on a quest to save a blonde girl named Swan from the Man Of Many Faces. Many books have been written about a post nuclear holocaust world, but none better than this one. Over 950 pages and I wanted more. I’ve read a lot of McCammon’s books and will continue to read more of them.

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I'm a big fan of vintage books,movies,TV shows and music. I encourage everyone to patronize your local used book/record store and pick up some of the good stuff. My posts are capsule reviews of some favorites that you may want to investigate. The albums posted aren't really reviews but items from my collection that are still available. I try and point out highlights of each one and let the music speak for itself. Thanks to all for checking out the blog.
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