This Is Not A Test (1962)

Actually it’s a test of a movie watchers endurance. An amateur piece of crap that, for the most part, stays in the same location. Looks like the nukes are on their way so a group of motorists heading for the hills are all stopped by a local cop and made to stay put. Each one has a soap opera type story, none interesting. A mob of refugees from L.A. are headed for the same spot.¬† Can you feel the excitement?

This DVD might make a good ash tray.


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I'm a big fan of vintage books,movies,TV shows and music. I encourage everyone to patronize your local used book/record store and pick up some of the good stuff. My posts are capsule reviews of some favorites that you may want to investigate. The albums posted aren't really reviews but items from my collection that are still available. I try and point out highlights of each one and let the music speak for itself. Thanks to all for checking out the blog.
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