Thriller (1960-62)

Boris is the perfect host for one of the best horror anthology series on TV. The cast assembled for some episodes reads like a who’s who. For example, a show I didn’t like because it was way too predictable and had some real stupid moments was,”La Strega.” It was directed by Ida Lupino and featured Ursula Andress, Alejandro Rey, Ramon Navarro, Jeanette Nolan and Frank DeKova. Jeanette Nolan’s acting was the best part of it. There’s a really dumb Sabbat ceremony scene that belongs in an Ed Wood movie.

One terrific episode is,”Masquerade.” It stars Elizabeth Montgomery, Tom Poston and John Carradine. It was based on a short story by by SF author Henry Kuttner. The ending is one of the best.

Overall, this series had a very high percentage of great episodes and should be seen again.


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