Murray Leinster-The Planet Explorer(Colonial Survey) (1956-57)

Four stories about Senior Colonial Survey Officer Bordman.

“Solar Constant”(“Critical Difference”).  Bordman has to save a planet from global freezing. Meanwhile, his own life starts to heat up.

“Sand Doom”. A desert planet settled by American Indians and Africans is in danger until a landing grid can be built for spaceships. They tried ,but a two month long sandstorm took care of that when it buried an incomplete grid.. Bordman’s ego takes a hit when he realizes he has to wear a heatsuit so he won’t collapse while those around him are unaffected. He also finds out he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

“Combat Team”(Exploration Team”). This is the Hugo Award winner of the group. It won for Best Novelette. Bordman expects to see a colony of men and robots. What he finds is a man and his three giant Kodiak Bears and a Bald Eagle. He’s there illegally. Bordman is a real jerk through most of his stay.  Excellent story that shows robots are not always for the best.

“The Swamp That Was Upside Down”.  Bordman goes to Sector Headquarters and finds out the island it’s on is threatened with destruction. Over irrigation by colonists is the big culprit. Adding to the fun is a rocket fuel spill that could be set off by the slightest vibration. There’s also a twenty mile oil slick. Bordman is actually likeable in this one.


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