Case Of The Frightened Lady (1940)

Lady Lebanon is a nasty piece of work. She wants her secretary to marry her son. After all, they’re cousins and you can’t have blue blood mix with the red blood of the riff raff. The line must go on.

Isla the secretary is scared of the two sleazy footman of the house. Someone has put a bolt lock outside her door without telling her. Life isn’t fun. Then again, there’s always the costume dance. Let’s go there. In attendance is the chauffer, Arthur Studd dressed as an Indian complete with silk scarf. He lives up to his name by having an affair with the groundsman’s wife. He’s also a gossip. He knows all about the family Doctor, Lester Charles Amersham. Seems Chuck was kicked out of the military in India. A girl was found in his hut strangled with a silk scarf and he was also a forger. They couldn’t pin the murder on him so it’s back to England.

Dance over. Let’s go home. Uh-oh. Isla and her date, an architect hired to restore some of the mansion, find the strangled body of the chauffer. Scotland Yard suspect the Doctor.

Hold on old chap. Just when there’s seious talk of arresting the Doc, he’s found strangled with a silk scarf. And what’s the deal with that locked room that Lady Lebanon won’t let anyone see?

Great acting from George Merritt as Detective Inspector Tanner.

The revelations start coming. The ending is melodramatic but well done. Nice shadow effect behing Isla:

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