Framed (1930)

Evelyn Brent

Our scene opens as the coppers are trying to get Rose (Evelyn Brent) to identify members of her father’s gang. She’s not talking. In walks Inspector Butch McArthur. He tries being good cop. Turns out her father’s gang killed a cop. Then he lets her know that her father got killed. She’s shown a member of the gang. Rose says she doesn’t know him. She vows revenge on the Inspector.

Five years later, the guy she wouldn’t identify, Chuck Gaines, is now running a casino. Rose is the hostess. One night the cops drop in to see what he knows about a hit on Johnny The Goat, his old pal. Of course he knows nothing. Guess he forgot he ordered his hitman Bing to do the job.

Meanwhile, a customer, Jimmy Carter (Regis Toomey) is stuck on Rose. He’s just an innocent sap. Rose finds out he’s really Jimmy McArthur, son of the Inspector. He gives her an earful about what a great guy his Dad is and what pals they are. Rose thinks she can get revenge on the Inspector by marrying Jimmy.

The next night, he tells his Dad about this great girl he’s fallen for. Dad tells him the real story about Rose. Since Jimmy is a love struck idiot, he defies his Dad and tells him he won’t be pals with a copper.

Eventually, Chuck puts out a hit on Jimmy. Bing is ecstatic since he has the hots for Rose. The mental midget tells Rose all about it. She confronts Chuck. He locks her in a room. Sick of his boy hanging around the joint, the Inspector has the place raided and trashed.

Rose escapes. Seems Chuck forgot that rooms have windows. She warns Jimmy and gets him out of harms way. Since Jimmy isn’t available, Chuck sends Bing after the Inspector.

How things get resolved is kind of messy but the writers had to get out of it somehow. The movie ends how it began but with a difference.

Toomey turned into one of the busiest actors ever. He was a regular on “Burke’s Law” as Detective Les Hart (1963-65).

It’s amazing how Ralf Harolde ever found work again after his horrible acting job as Chuck Gaines. Just awful.

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