Green Eyes (1934)

Shirley Grey

Jean Kester (Shirley Grey) invites some friends over to her nasty Grandfather’s mansion. It’s a costume party. Everyone looks like an idiot. Upstairs, someone stabs Grandpa to death.

Meanwhile, Jean and her boyfriend take off to elope. He cut the phone wires and the ignition wires in all the cars. The coppers want the lovebirds back. When they’re pulled over, she tries to sweet talk them into letting them go. One cop delivers the classic line, “Cut the comedy,sister.”

Back at the mansion it turns out one of the guests is a mystery writer (Charles Starrett). . He follows the cops around. They don’t seem to mind, even though they toss some nice verbal shots at him.

A flashback shows Jean and nasty Grandpa arguing as he tries to control her life.  He puts 12-hundred bucks in a box and has his secretary lock it up. It goes missing.

Moving right along, there’s another murder, a plot line about a mine in Mexico and its valuable stock. It also turns out that no one liked Grandpa. The mystery writer solves the case thanks to some marbles.

The movie is not all that bad but not worth a special effort to see it.

Charles Starrett hit it big in the 40’s and 50’s as The Durango Kid. Shirley Grey made a number of westerns. Horror fans remember her as Sarah Briggs in “The Phantom Ship” with Bela Lugosi in 1935.

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