The Devil’s Messenger (1961)

A compilation of three episodes from the TV show “13 Demon Street.” Although it was shot in the U.S. in English, it aired in Sweden with English subtitles It never aired here.

The premise is that Satanya (Karen Kadler) commits suicide over a love affair gone bad. She ends up in hell and meets the devil (Lon Chaney,Jr.). He says if she delivers objects to certain people on earth, a tribunal will hear her case. The devil says he needs the recruits. It’s not clear whether she puts a curse on the objects or exactly how it’s all done. She’s never seen actually handing the objects out or even leaving them.

First up:”The Photograph”. Satanya is supposed to leave a camera for a photographer.  He’s a  womanizing jerk. On vacation in Maine, he takes a picture of a farmhouse. He ends up strangling a woman. When he gets back home the picture does some strange things. Not a very good episode.

Next:”The Girl In The Glacier”. She delivers a pick to a scientist. He finds a 50,000 woman frozen in ice. He gets obsessed. Some real bad acting but creepy enough to be worth a view.

Satanya wants to quit.  The devil tells her this next delivery will get her revenge on the man she killed herself over. She has to deliver a crystal ball to a fortune teller.

“Condemned In The Crystal” Satanya’s old boyfriend is having a recurring dream. A fortune teller says he’s going to die at midnight. Good episode. Gunnel Brostrom is excellent as the fortune teller.

Back in hell for the wrap up. Guess they had to end the movie somehow. Nothing you couldn’t see coming, especially in 1961.


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