Haggis Baggis (1958-59)

A game show that ran during the day with Dennis James and Fred Robbins while the prime time show was hosted by Jack Linkletter.  The announcer was Bill Wendell.

The game involved two players. They were supposed to identify a celebrity’s face that was hidden behind a grid. Letters and catagories are shown. Still with me? One player picks a letter, the other a catagory. Now, the letter picker has to name something that starts with that letter and fits the catagory chosen by the other player. Still here? If the player is clever enough to do that, than a portion of the hidden portrait is revealed to that player only. The player is allowed a guess. If it’s wrong, the other player gets a free guess. The first one to identify the picture gets the best spot in the bonus round. I need some water. Be right back.

To the bonus round. The winner chooses one of two prizes. They’re marked Haggis or Baggis. If the other player picks the other package, they both win. If not, the champ gets whatever he or she picked. The champ stayed on until defeated. Prizes included the clothes worn by the models in the picture at the beginning of this post.

Fred Robbins was a New York Disc Jockey. He also filmed a lot of behind the scenes movie features and was part of CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight.” Jack Linkletter was Art’s son. I still don’t know why the show had such a bad title. Haggis is a Scottish dish made of Sheep’s heart, liver and lungs with some oatmeal tossed in for added taste.


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