Kent Murdock Series (1935-1973)-George Harmon Coxe

Murdock is a crime photographer in Boston. In this first installment, a crime boss beats a murder rap and throws a victory party for the newsmern. Murdock’s fiancee Hester is with him and isn’t happy when he flirts with a woman. Back at his place, Hester gives him what for and walks out. The woman walks in. She says she needs help. Next in, the cops.  Turns out she’s a murder suspect. Murdock keeps her hidden.

The cops tell Murdock all about it.Seems pictures were to be taken of the crime boss and his lawyer. Pop go the bulbs and down goes the lawyer. The woman takes off.  Now back to the present at Murdock’s place. He says he’ll help. She’s so happy she drugs his drink. While he’s sawing logs, someone breaks in and knocks her out and searches Murdock’s photography equipment.  Things get more and more complicated.

The last book in the series was “The Silent Witness” in 1973.

Coxe’s first crime photographer series was about Jack “Flashgun” Casey, also set in Boston. There were six books along with a movie , radio show, TV show and even a comic book.


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