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Demontech Trilogy (2002-04)-David Sherman

Sherman has written numerous books about Marines in Vietnam. He’s the co-author of the military SF series “Starfist” with Dan Cragg. In this trilogy, Sherman turns to Military Fantasy. In the trilogy opener Frangerian Marines Haft and Spinner are trying … Continue reading


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I’m The Law (1953)

One of the best of the early cop shows made even better since it starred George Raft. He’s the N.Y.P.D.’s Lt. Kirby. Typical episode: “The Killer.” A public stenographer is strangled after typing letters dictated by a gangster. Her body is … Continue reading

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Trio Days-Nat Cole Trio

Great tracks from 1940-41. It’s Nat with Oscar Moore-guitar and Wesley Prince-bass. Highlights include: “Sweet Lorraine”, “Call The Police” and “Stop, The Red Light’s On.”  If you want everything, check out Mosiac Records eighteen CD boxed set with 349 songs.

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Once To Every Heart-Mark Murphy (2005)

He’s been providing quality albums since 1956 starting with “Meet Mark Murphy.” This release shows the skill and style of an artist that’s never lost a step. This is atmosphere. This is what’s meant by class. Highlights include: “I Know You … Continue reading

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Malignant Stars-Jerome Barry (1960)

What a disappointment. I’ve read a number of Barry’s books and was surprised how dull this one turned out. The statuesque Signe Ericson is found murdered in her office at The Kilmer Foundation. A recent hire, Lyn Trainor is unconcious. … Continue reading

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Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon (1955-58)

A fun show and something different. “On You Huskies!” The Sarge (Dick Simmons) and his wonder dog Yukon King fight crime. Oh yes, can’t forget his horse Rex. Typical episode: “Scourge Of The Wilderness”. Dan Grady opens a logging business. Local … Continue reading

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Cause For Alarm! (1951)

A bad half hour TV episode stretched into a movie. That’s how it comes off. George Jones (Barry Sullivan) thinks his wife Ellen (Loretta Young) is conspiring with his friend and Doctor to kill him. He writes a long letter … Continue reading

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The Chesterfield Supper Club (1948-50)

Variety show hosted by Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra. It was on radio from 1944-1950. Typical TV episode: Perry and The Fontaine Sisters  open with “When You’re Smilin”. Chesterfield vocalist of the week. The most promising female vocalist of 1949, Patti … Continue reading

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Ray Charles And Betty Carter (1966)

An album that deserves its legendary status. You’ll never hear a finer version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Other highlights include: “Cocktails For Two” , “For All We Know” and “Alone Together.”

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Rogue Moon-Algis Budrys (1960)

An alien structure is discovered on the Moon. It may have been there for a million years. Every man who enters it dies. After the use of a matter transmitter to send duplicates to the Moon, the person, knowing they’re … Continue reading

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