Boston Blackie-Booked On Suspicion (1945)

Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan) buys Wilfred Kittredge’s book store. The big rare editions auction is coming up but Kittredge is in ill health and can’t conduct it. That won’t sit well with the bidders. Boston Blackie (Chester Morris) disguises himself as Kittredge to help out. His friendly enemy, Inspector Faraday (Richard Lane) doesn’t recognize him. The real Kittredge’s assistant Gloria (Lynn Merrick) helps Blackie out. The big prize,a signed copy of Dickens’ “The Pickwick Papers.” It goes for 62-thousand, fifty of which the store gets. Turns out it’s a forgery.

Thanks to a comma in a sentence where there isn’t one in the original edition, the forgery is discovered by the buyer’s secretary. Too bad the check has already been cashed. The forger is getting ready to leave. In walks his partner in crime, Gloria. He gives her half of the money. She decided to take it all. She guns him down. Upstairs Blackie hears the shots and breaks in. He just missed her and has no idea who the murderer is. Now Inspector Faraday comes in and wants to arrest Blackie. Blackie manages to get away.

Gloria goes back to the store like nothing’s happened. Her real partner in crime is her husband Jack (Steve Cochran). He’s on the lam from Sing Sing. 

Blackie is on the hunt for the real murderer and the money keeps getting moved around. There’s a slapstick kind of chase and then later it all comes together. There’s even a bit where Blackie hums a lullaby to a yawning crook putting him to sleep so he can escape.

The series is meant to be light hearted. Take it that way and you’ll likely enjoy this one.

In 1951, Richard Lane  was nominated for an Emmy as Most Outstanding Personality. He lost to Groucho.

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