Friday The Thirteenth (1933)

Interesting British film. It’s Friday the 13th. It’s raining in London. A crane falls on a bus killing two passengers. Next thing you see is Big Ben winding backwards. The stories of the passengers and how they ended up on the bus is revealed.

The storylines: Joe the con man may just get busted. He’s been set up to meet what he thinks are hotshots from America. He tells them he has just what they’re looking for and they should meet him that night at the tube station. They’re cops.

A schoolmaster (Ralph Richardson) is engaged to a dancer. He catches her sleazy agent getting too friendly with her. She laughs it off and says that’s just the way things are in that biz. End of engagement.

A rich businessman (Edmund “Santa Claus” Gwynne) gets a hot stock tip. Before he can buy he’s constantly interupted. He gives a note to his forgetful wife to take to the broker. The stock tanks. Did she deliver the note?

A man who works for a cruise company saves for two years to take he and his wife on a cruise. She has a boyfriend. The two of them take off. He doesn’t know it.

A  naive man married to a shrew takes one of their dogs to the park. He meets a woman on a park bench. He thinks she likes him. He should think again.

An ex-con has been straight for three years. He just got engaged. Another ex-con looks him up. He’s a blackmailer.

On the bus….The con man and the two cops. He still doesn’t know they’re onto him…….The dancer…….The businessman’s wife…..The man who works for the cruise company…….The man with the dog in the park and the blackmailer. Also on board the conducter and the driver, both who like to play the horses.

Who dies?

The storylines move quickly from one to the other but not too fast that they can’t be easily followed. At the end, the movie shows the passengers again before the crash in case the viewer forgot who was on board.

I liked this one.

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