Strange Doings-R.A. Lafferty

Stories from 1960,61,62,64,67 ,69,70,71.

Lafferty is a rare author that leaves no clue about what he’s going to do next.

There are sixteen stories in the collection. My favorites:

“Sodom And Gomorrah, Texas” (1962)-Manuel is sent out to do a census. So how did High Plains, Texas end up with the largest population in the United States with the smallest people?

“World Abounding” (1971)-A crew is sent to World Abounding to see if it can be colonized. Leave it to Lafferty to come up with one of the strangest planets ever.

“Dream” (1971)-Is this the real world or is it the one with green rain?

“Incased In Ancient Rind” (1971) -A group of friends meet every hundred years for a drink and conversation. No such thing as blue skies or stars. There’s a canopy over the Earth. They talk about the blue sky days before the canopy.

R.A. Lafferty


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