Cause For Alarm! (1951)

A bad half hour TV episode stretched into a movie. That’s how it comes off.

George Jones (Barry Sullivan) thinks his wife Ellen (Loretta Young) is conspiring with his friend and Doctor to kill him. He writes a long letter to the D.A. outlining his suspicions. Since he’s confined to bed with a heart condition, he gives her the letter to mail, lying about its contents.

She’s always waiting on him hand and foot but he’s not buying it. He finally tells her he knows everything and pulls a gun on her. Before he can pull the trigger, he collapses.

The rest of the movie tries for suspense but fails miserably. There’s a way too long segment of Ellen trying to get the letter back from the mailman and then the post office. While she’s out confronting the mailman, George’s Aunt stops by. A nosy neighbor tells her where Ellen hides the key. Ellen gets back before she can get upstairs. The Aunt drives her nuts by never shutting up.

There are a few other incidents that are supposed to heighten Ellen’s fear but nothing works. Loretta tries to act up a storm but there’s nothing to work with. The movie is a complete dud.

Loretta Young’s through the double doors entrance on her TV show (1953-61) is one of TV’s most famous and most parodied. Barry Sullivan was a favorite of TV western fans. He played Sheriff Pat Garrett on “The Tall Man” (1960-62)

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