Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon (1955-58)

A fun show and something different. “On You Huskies!”

The Sarge (Dick Simmons) and his wonder dog Yukon King fight crime. Oh yes, can’t forget his horse Rex.

Typical episode: “Scourge Of The Wilderness”. Dan Grady opens a logging business. Local Indian Chief Taranga’s not going for it. He considers it sacred ground and he’s going to chase ’em off or kill ’em off. Two loggers rob Dan’s safe and his Indian workers take off. At the trading post, a warning note is posted on the door. The Chief wants all the knives and ammo or else.

The Sarge goes to the trading post and runs into the missing loggers. They’re not so bad after all. The son of the trading post’s owner goes for help. All he gets is an arrow in the shoulder.  Who to send for help? None other than the wonder dog. One of the loggers panics and takes off. The Chief kills him.

There’s a nice confrontation featuring bullets and flaming arrows in a good, action show.

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