Demontech Trilogy (2002-04)-David Sherman

Sherman has written numerous books about Marines in Vietnam. He’s the co-author of the military SF series “Starfist” with Dan Cragg. In this trilogy, Sherman turns to Military Fantasy.

In the trilogy opener Frangerian Marines Haft and Spinner are trying to make their way out of New Bally. The port has been overrun by invaders from the island nation of Jokapcul. The two Marines want to get back home. After a few narrow escapes, an old man helps them out.

They make their way to a border crossing. They can’t get across. Members of the invading army are confronting the border guards. The pair are also being stalked by a killer cat. Maybe the imps can be of some help. The giant named Silent may also lend a huge hand.

As their travels continue, they spot the Burnt Man Inn. Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s the troll house or the demons in the area. While downing a few beers, they’re urged not to miss the nightly entertainment. They don’t. They’re very happy. So are the crowds that watch Alyline, the Golden Girl. Spinner is smitten and gets to see her after her show. Then he finds out the real deal. Before he and Haft can leave the Inn, there’s a lot of battling to do.

As they continue to their destination, they have a few people with them. They’re later joined by a wolf and a magician. Once again, they run into the invading army.

The series is pure escapism with battles, humor and a few unbelievable women who give a new definition to the word annoying. But they’re worth it. I’m glad I didn’t let the fantasy elements keep me away.

The last two in the series are:

#2: “Rally Point” (2003)

#3: “Gulf Run” (2004)

David Sherman

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