Passion Play-Sean Stewart (1992)

Diane Fletcher is a hunter, a P.I. She can read people’s emotions and that means she’s a shaper. The book takes place in a Christian Fundamentalist America. headed by the Redemption Presidency. Executions are televised and adulterers are stoned to death.

Angela Johnson is stoned to death for having an affair. She’s the third woman to meet such a fate within a year. The man responsible is Deacon White. Diane makes the arrest, but not before he pulls a knife on her and she has to use her taser.

She’s asked to look into the death of a famous actor, Jonathan Mask. He was about to star in an adaption of “Faustus.” He had a special costume made up for his role as Mephistophilis. The costume is loaded with special effects like smoke and light flashes. Did he die by accident or was he murdered. Diane is determined to find out.

This is a murder mystery in a SF setting.  Its focus is Diane and how she handles her abilities and the conflicts it causes her. This is a good one.

Sean Stewart

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