Hard Guy (1941)

Vic Monroe (Jack La Rue) owns a nightclub. Along with associate Ben  Sherwood they run a marriage annulment racket. The club girls marry rich guys. They’re counting on cash from the groom’s fathers to make the girls agree to an annulment. Vic and his partner clean up.

Singer/dancer Doris Starr marries rich wimp Tony Tremaine. The post wedding gathering at her apartment is invaded by Tony’s father and several reporters. Also showing up is Doris’ sister Julie (Mary Healy). The tenant across the hall, Steve Randall (Kane Richmond) is the son of the Governor. He can’t sleep because of all the noise. Tony’s father demands the marriage be annuled and a brawl breaks out. Everyone spends the night in jail.

After a court hearing, Tony goes home with his father. Anthony,Sr.’s lawyer calls Doris. Ben pretends to be her father and talks him into a fifty thousand dollar settlement. Back at the club Vic tells Doris he wants to marry her. He also wants the fifty grand. Doris returns to Vic’s office and catches him with one of the club girls. She says the money will be returned to Anthony, Sr.

Tony comes into the club and romances Doris. Looks like she believes him.  Vic buys him a drink before they leave. Back at her place Tony doesn’t feel so good. In walks Vic….with a gun. He kills Doris and takes the money. Tony is framed and lands in jail.

The Governor sends his ace detective Tex Cassidy to Steve’s apartment to investigate the goings on. Tex puts on an act and fools everyone. Steve falls for Julie. Vic gives Julie a job at the club. The club’s mistress of ceremonies, Goldie (Iris Adrian) is more than annoying but she works her charm on Tex. It all leads to a double wedding….Steve and Julie, Tex and Goldie.

Will Vic’s racket be broken up?  Did Doris really write down the serial numbers of the fifty grand? None of the actors seem all that interested and just go through the motions. Iris Adrian gives it a try but she’s over the top. This isn’t on anyone’s priority list….and shouldn’t be.

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