Extravagance (1930)

After breaking off numerous engagements, socialite Alice (June Collyer) finally marries poor ol’ Fred. At the wedding are their friends Jim and Esther. It’s making Jim amorous. Esther says, “Not in public.” She runs upstairs to help Alice. It’s actually a chance to place a quick call to her boyfriend, playboy stockbroker Harrison Morrell. Before Alice and Fred leave, her mother gives her an ermine coat. Alice says too bad it isn’t sable.

One year later there’s trouble in paradise. Jim works all hours, Alice goes out all hours and spends money they don’t have. She also overdrawn at the bank. Esther is still carrying on with Harrison.

Alice is all gussied up to go to a party at Esther’s. Jim wants her to change into something a lot less revealing. Then he gets called back to his office. She goes by herself. She didn’t change. At the party, Alice wins some big bucks at bridge. Harrison tells her he has a hot stock and will invest her winnings for her. Turns out he was right. He accompanies her to buy a sable coat. Afterwards they go to lunch. At the same place is Fred, his secretary Helen and a man Fred is trying to get some money from. Then Esther walks in and joins Harrison and Alice. Both women are wearing their sable.

Helen makes Fred change seats so he won’t see them. Then the trio leaves. Fred looks up and sees Esther. Alice has her back to him so he doesn’t recognize her.

Back home Alice wants to show Fred the coat. Fred tells her she can longer hang out with Esther. He saw her and another woman with Harrison, both wearing sable. She goes to the closet and tries to cover the sable. Fred goes to the closet. The cover falls off. Fred’s not happy. Alice storms out.

Life just gets worse. Fred’s almost bankrupt and divorce papers are delivered to him. Alice is going to sail off to Paris with Harrison. Esther isn’t taking it too well.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the ending. Sometimes these early dramas go over the top.

June Collyer married Stu Erwin and both starred in the TV series “The Stu Erwin Show” aka/”Trouble With Father.” (1950-55).

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