Murder Is News (1937)

Entertaining murder mystery that let’s the viewer know who dun it. All you have to do is spot the clue. It’s not obvious but it can be spotted.

Fast talking radio newsman Jerry Tracy (John Gallaudet) does an item about utility magnate Edgar Drake sailing for England. He says while he’s on board ship it’ll give his wife Pauline the opportunity to get a divorce and marry her lawyer David Corning.

Drake’s stepson Tony calls his mother. She says she can handle any scandal. He wants to go to Edgar’s townhouse with her. Tracy gets an anonymous tip that Corning is there and goes over. Drake’s there but he’s dead.  He sees Pauline in a car that’s driving away.Tracy calls his paper and then as he’s calling the cops, he’s hit over the head. He finds an ear plug (not as obvious a clue as the one shown later)  that may belong to the murderer.

His pal Inspector Fitzgerald comes in as Tracy comes to. The body’s gone. Before Tracy can solve the case there’s some utility stock manipulation and another murder.

John Gallaudet appeared in numerous movies and TV shows including several episodes of “Adam-12.” He was Roy Church in the movie “In Cold Blood” (1967).

One interesting scene for Superman fans. Corning is played by John “Perry White” Hamilton. Tracy and Fitzgerald confront him in his office. Tracy works for a newspaper called….The Daily Planet. Superman first appeared in Action Comics almost a year after this movie.


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