The Avenging Hand (1937)

Noah Beery, Sr.

Noah Beery is fun to watch as a gangster on vacation in London who solves a murder.

Chicago gangster Lee Barwell witnesses a gunfight. One of the participants drops a letter. It’s about 275-pounds and The Pilgrim Hotel. The two heads of a company stole the money and hid it in the safe of Conrad Colter. Then they took off on an ocean liner. Only one key can open the safe. Crooked lawyer Charles Mason has it. His partner Tony Visetti wants to know it’s safe.

Mason says it’s in a safe place. He gave it to a friend.  The friend is match seller Sam Huff. He also gave him a hundred pounds to keep the parcel for him without looking inside.

It’s New Year’s Eve at The Pilgrim Hotel. Barwell tries to get a room. All filled up. He says he’ll wait and has a seat in the lobby. Sam Huff wants a room. He’s given manicurist Gwen Taylor’s room for the night. She’s not supposed to be there anyway. Her boyfriend the desk clerk set it up for her. Mason, Visetti and Colter all show up.

Sam gets drunk and is taken to his room. He’s shot and the gun put into his hand to make it look like suicide. The key’s missing. Barwell has it. He’s the only one that thinks Sam was murdered. One clue is the smell of perfume.

Visetti thinks the manicurist has the key. Barwell solves the case. It’s an entertaining movie worth seeing.

Noah Beery usually played villians and this movie allows him to show his lighter side. He’s the younger brother of Wallace Beery and the father of Noah Beery, Jr., best known as Joseph “Rocky” Rockford in “The Rockford Files” (1974-80)


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