The Hunter (1952-54)

Barry Nelson

Barry Nelson is international Commie hunter Bart Adams. Pretty good show. It was a summer replacement series. The show was briefly revived in 1954 with a different actor playing Adams.

Typical episode: “Rendevous In Prague”- In Munich, Bart buys a painting by Czech patriot Magda Lucenec (Barbara Joyce). Under ultra violet light it has a message which says there are eight more Lucenecs. Adams heads for Prague.

He goes to a museum where one of the paintings is hanging. Outside is Comrade Voralov. He spots the letter F and the word Freedom on the museum steps. Inside he spots the painting but not the lurking Adams. He makes the museum’s curator and a guard take the painting down. Behind it is the letter F. He’s not a happy comrade.

He and the curator leave and the guard taps on the floor. Turns out he’s in cahoots with the artist who has been hiding in the basement for two months. Adams has a plan to get her out. Thanks to a mic behind the painting, Voralov catches on.

The episode comes to a suspensful and action filled climax. There’s also a bit of a surprise at the end.

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