The Murder In The Red Barn (1935)

Tod Slaughter

Another great performance from Tod Slaughter. The movie is based on the actual 1828 murder of Maria Marten.

Squire William Corder (Tod Slaughter) holds a dance in the red barn. Carlos the Gypsy wants to marry Maria. She turns him down and goes to Corder. She thinks he’s loaded. He leaves her to have his palm read by a Gypsy. She says she sees death….his. He throws all the Gypsies out.

The next night she lies to her parents about going to choir practice and sneaks into Corder’s house. He promises to marry her and take her to London. When she returns home in the middle of the night Carlos is waiting for her. He proposes again. Out comes her father. He thinks she’s been with Carlos all night and chases him off. She doesn’t tell him who she was really with.

Corder is a gambler. He loses six thousand pounds and is given a month to come up with the money. The only solution he sees is to marry the wealthy and homely Maude Sennett.

Without coming out and saying it, it’s obvious Maria is pregnant. Her father tosses her out and tells her never to come back. He thinks it’s Carlos’ baby. It’s Corder’s.  She goes to Corder’s mansion. She threatens him. He gives in and says he’ll marry her that night. While she waits for him, Carlos show up. Another proposal. She says there’s someone else. He leaves saying she’ll never see him again. Along comes Corder. It’s starting to storm so he takes her to the red barn.

Once inside he shoots her and buries the body. Too late he realizes he dropped his pistol in the grave. Rather than dig it up, he leaves.

It all comes to a predictable ending. It’s so well done by Slaughter that it doesn’t matter.

Slaughter stands alongside, Lugosi, Karloff and the Chaneys as a huge star of horror and mystery. Some cable channel needs to run his movies so today’s audiences can see a great performer.

The real William Corder

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