Time In Advance-William Tenn

Four excellent stories taking place in the future. A good one to pick up if it’s one of those book stores dusty stacks.

“Firewater” (1952). Aliens come to Earth and settle on reservations from Arizona to the Gobi Desert. Humans that communicate with them lose their humanity. They’re referred to as Primeys. A group trying to eliminate them is called Humanity First. No one knows what the aliens want. Businessman Algernon Hebster may settle everything.

“Time In Adnace” (1956). Let’s say you want to kill someone. You can serve your prison time in advance. Spend seven years on four of the worst planets in the universe. If you survive and are returned to Earth, you’re free and clear to commit one murder.

“The Sickness” (1955). It looks like the final war is going to happen. A number of countries have six colbalt bombs each. Some have been tested on the dark side of the Moon. India comes up with the idea of a space flight to Mars with an Indian Captain and an equal number of Russian and American crew members. A Russian finds a million year old Martian city and takes some pictures. Back at the ship he gets sick. One by one the rest of the crew is stricken. What kind of disease is it?

“Winthrop Was Stubborn” (1957). Very funny time travel story. Five people from 1958 go to 2458 and five people from there travel back. The groups are there for a two week stay. The iron clad rule is that everyone has to go back at the same time. Winthrop refuses to leave 2458. One man trying to persuade him is fellow time traveler Mr. Mead, Vice President of the Sweetbottom Septic Tanks, Inc.

William Tenn


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