Life With Buster Keaton (1951)

Unfunny slapstick show. Even Keaton can’t pull it off.

Typical episode: Buster works in a sporting goods store with fellow clerk Slugger Jones. Buster’s Cub Scout nephew asks for the twenty-five dollars he promised him for summer camp. Buster doesn’t have it. He had to pay the store for the window he broke. That’s followd by a lot of gags with sporting equipment.

The owner tries to sell a customer a tent that he says anyone can erect. He asks Buster to demonstrate. Yes, it’s a disaster. Into the store walk pro wrestlers Lord Blears and The Great Scott. Through a mishap, Buster and Slugger knock them out. A newspaper photographer takes a picture that ends up on the front page.

The promoter says Buster and Slugger will get a hundred dollars if they sign up for a tag team match with a one hour time limit. Buster figures it’ll be easy. Just lay down and it’s over. He signs.

At the arena it’s a long comedy wrestling match that fans may get a kick out of since Blears and Scott were top performers of the day. Of course Keaton and Slugger win.

Buster deserved a lot better. Even his appearances in a couple “Beach Party” movies were better than this and they weren’t anything to remember.

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