Murder Doll-Milton K. Ozaki (1952)

Typical early 50’s crime quickie you can read on a bus trip.  Don’t look for logic, just have fun with it.

Chicago P.I. Carl Good is hired to find a missing husband. He’s been fooling around with a girl in a clip joint and Carl heads to The Golden Spoon to talk with her. The cigarette girl Gerrie gives him a matchbook. She wrote on it that he’s been spotted.

He finds the girl he’s been looking for and they have a drink. Then it’s off to the dance floor. After a while she goes limp. She’s dead. She’s been poisoned. Carl realizes that the way the carried the drinks to the table mixed them up and the posion was actually for him.

Back at his place he sees a picture of the dead girl and he knows he’s being framed. He hightails it to her place and waits. In walks a guy with one of Carl’s suits. They struggle and Carl strangles him.

Mob lawyer Morrie Tannenbaum tells Carl that someone is muscling in on the Chicago rackets and a woman has been sent as a front to take over. A local crime boss is offering twenty-five grand to find her. Carl takes the job.

Philly mob boss Harry Bain hires Carl to make deliveries of cash for him. Back at his office something doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s the hand grenade wired to his chair. His first job for Bain is to take a half million from Chicago to Philly. He’s met by a limo and a girl in black who hands him the briefcase with the dough. It’s a double cross.

Things start to come together at a nudist colony in Indiana. Now you can toss believability out the window as the book heads to the end. Still, it’s an entertaining way to send a couple hours and Ozaki is a good writer. He also uses the pen name Robert O. Saber.

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