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There Will Be Time-Poul Anderson (1972)

I’m always up for a good time travel book and I enoyed this one. It was nominated for a Hugo in 1973. It lost to Isaac Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves.” Written as if Dr. Robert Anderson, a distant relative of Poul’s father … Continue reading

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The Dennis O’Keefe Show (1959-60)

Lame sitcome with veteran movie actor O’Keefe playing newspaper columnist Hal Towne.  The column is called “All Around Towne.” He’s a widower and lives with his ten year old son Randy (Ricky Kelman) and housekeeper Sarge. She’s played by Hope Emerson. … Continue reading

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Moten Swing-Bennie Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra

The band that brought the world Count Basie. He took over when Moten died in 1932. Twenty-five tracks in this collection that range from Moten on piano on up to Basie. Highlights include: “Kansas City Breakdown”, “Midnight Mama”, “Moten Swing, … Continue reading

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Night Of The Blood Beast (1958)

Roger and Gene Corman strike again. It’s not bottom of the barrel even though most of the acting is bad and the monster looks ridiculous. The spot the future star in this one is Ed Nelson. Astronaut Johnny Corcoran crash … Continue reading

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Uncivilized (1936)

If you’re looking for something different, check out this early Australian film. Opium, rubies, warring aborigines and a surprise for Sherlock Holmes fans. Beatrice Lynn’s novels haven’t been doing well lately. Her publisher sends her to the outback to track down … Continue reading

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When The Clock Strikes (1961)

Bad acting and even worse dialogue in a failed attempt at noir. The ending is beyond awful. The movie is a time passer but nothing to get excited about. Sam Morgan (James Brown) is driving through a rainstorm and sees a … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents:More Stories Not For The Nervous (Skeleton Crew)-Edited by Robert Arthur

Stories from 1948,50,56,57,60,62,64. Ten stories and the 1948 novel “Sorry, Wrong Number” by Lucille Fletcher and Allan Ullman. This collection contains my absolute favorite Jack Ritchie story “For All The Rude People.” It’s also at the top of the list … Continue reading

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The Story Of A Writer:Ray Bradbury (1963)

Interesting half-hour documentary about Bradbury. It’s hosted by John Willis but the bulk of the narration is done by Bradbury. He says his favorite authors growing up were Mark Twain, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. He’s shown in his basement … Continue reading

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Pardon My Blooper series-Produced by Kermit Schaefer

Very popular series of mistakes made on radio and TV. The earliest is Harry Von Zell introducing President Herbert Hoover as “Hoobert Heever” in 1931. Some of the bloopers were recreations since they happened live and Schaefer didn’t have a … Continue reading

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Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954)

It doesn’t get much worse than this Roger Corman production. The movie is 64 minutes. The so-called monster doesn’t show up until 34 for two seconds and then again at 59. That’s it. Julie Blair is vacationing in a small … Continue reading

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