The Story Of A Writer:Ray Bradbury (1963)

Ray Bradbury

Interesting half-hour documentary about Bradbury. It’s hosted by John Willis but the bulk of the narration is done by Bradbury.

He says his favorite authors growing up were Mark Twain, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. He’s shown in his basement pounding away at the typewriter. He talks to a class about his life and work. His wife Maggie and two of his four daughters are shown.

The real interesting part of it all is following the creative process of the story “Dial Double Zero.” The story is about an intelligence that lives in the phone system. It follows how he got his idea, through other authors reviewing it on up to taking it to the post office and sending it off. It’s also dramatized. There’s a good possibility that the story was never published.

All in all it’s an interesting half-hour. I wish there would be more shows like it. Biography has done some good presentations but I still would like more authors presented.

Watch it:


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