There Will Be Time-Poul Anderson (1972)

I’m always up for a good time travel book and I enoyed this one. It was nominated for a Hugo in 1973. It lost to Isaac Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves.”

Written as if Dr. Robert Anderson, a distant relative of Poul’s father left behind this account as part of his memoirs. It’s about Jack Havig. Even as an infant he’s been able to time travel.

Havig finally gets comfortable with Dr. Anderson to tell him all about the events in his life. No time machine necessary. Havig wills himself to travel. The turning point is near the crucifixion of Jesus. He meets other time travelers and travels into the future to the Eyrie. It’s ruled by Caleb Wallis, a bigoted ego maniac who is from 19th century America.

Wallis wants to go farther into the future where New Zealand’s Maurai dominate the world following a nuclear holocaust. He wants to bring them down and once again bring about an industrialized society. At first Havig joins him but eventually rebels.

Havig’s adventures in the early 13th century Byzantine Empire and Constantinople are a grisly representation of the time as the Crusaders ransack that part of the world. Wallis’ men destroy the family Havig became a part of and he’s out for revenge.

With the help of Leonce, a woman from a Glacier era of the future, Havig attempts to destroy the Eyrie. It means a lot of back and forth travel in time to get recruits.

Anderson and time travel go hand in hand and this is one of his best. It’s not part of the Time Patrol series.

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7 Responses to There Will Be Time-Poul Anderson (1972)

  1. Mike Davis says:

    By coincidence, I read this for the 3rd time this week and did an internet search to see if anyone else liked it as much as I. Glad to find this post. “There Will Be Time” is a very poignant, bitter-sweet book and, I feel, one of the best time travel books ever written.

  2. I was looking for some information on this book (There Will Be Time), and came across a eBook titled “Poul Anderson – Two In Time” by the same author (google it for info and download link to PDF from ‘’), which from what I gather is the same book.
    Have you ever heard of it, or is it actually a fake?
    I’d like to know, because if I can read it on my pc, I’d be glad, but this eBook has a different name and is being distributed for free, which suggests someone might have placed it online under a different name.

    • vintage45 says:

      The closest I’ve seen to that is “There Will Be Time/The Dancer From Atlantis” which was published by Signet in 1982. There wasn’t an overall title for putting those two together. No bibliography of Anderson lists the title “Two In Time.”

      • Then this is fake? i just downloaded it and checked it.
        Its about 220+ pages and before he starts the story, the first 2 pages are about his uncle, and after that its in the perspective of his uncle as a though his uncle is writing it and not him. The first jump Jack makes is when his mother drops him and he ends up in the baby cot after going back in time, the reason she dropped him in the first place.
        Is this about right?
        Im going out now anyway so Im gonna see if I can purchase the book and check if they are the same, but it looks like this title ‘Two In Time’ is actually a legal eBook as the site the PDF hosted on is actually a public Usenet that stores past content that is freely accessible.

  3. vintage45 says:

    That’s how it starts. For whatever reason it sounds like a minor title change.

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