Supernatural Sleuths-14 Mysterious Cases Of Uncanny Crime-Edited by Charles Waugh & Martin H. Greenberg

The stories are from 1910,11,29,53,55,68,69,77,81,82,92,94,95.

Favorites: “Falling Boy” (1995)- David Dean- A pilot flying through a storm sees a young boy fall from the sky onto his plane. He’s forced to make an unauthorized landing in a field. There’s no one on the plane. He’s sent to a psychologist as a condition of getting his license back. Captain Brigid Masterson is assigned to look into the case. It may have something to do with a kidnapping.

“The Midnight El” (1994)- Robert Weinberg- Chicago P.I. Sidney Taine drinks a chemical solution. It allows him to see the spirits of the dead. He goes looking for a woman who shouldn’t be a passenger on the midnight El. The cover illustration represents this story.

“The Cardulla Detective Agency” (1977)- Jack Ritchie- Olivia Hampton hires Cardulla to bodyguard her uncle. He announced he’s cutting everyone out of his will the next day and already someone’s tried to kill him. Cardulla only works from 8pm-4am. There’s a good reason for that and it comes in handy.

“The Chronology Protection Case” (1995)- Paul Levinson- Dr. D’Amato is a forensic scientist with a passion for physics. A group of physicists are working on quantum mechanics. Their work involves time travel. When they’re about to publish their findings they start dying.

Other authors: William F. Nolan, Manly Wade Wellman, Ron Goulart, August Derleth with Mack Reynolds, William Hope Hodgson, Susan Dunlap, Melville Davisson Post, Lee Killough, Seabury Quinn and Larry Niven.

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