Roger Thursby Series (1955-1958)-Henry Cecil

Only three books in the series. It’s an amusing account of  Thursby’s journey from barrister to judge and a comedic look at the English court system. A very entertaining series.

This first entry, “Brothers In Law”, tracks Thursby right after he’s admitted to the bar. He’s also juggling two girlfriends, Sally and Joy. He’s twenty-one and lives with his supportive mother.

His first brief comes from Joy’s Uncle Alfred. It’s a slam dunk uncontested divorce case. He’s representing a woman who had an affair and her husband left her. Easy. Of course that depends on what Judge you draw. Looking forward to his first court appearance, Roger invited both girlfriends and his mother to watch him.

Afterwards his client questions why she’s represented by a schoolboy and he wants to jump in the Thames as the case is continued. The girls and his mother are still supportive and tell him how well he did. He knows differently.

His second brief gets him into the Old Bailey where he defends a con man. Mr.Green is charged with fraud. Nothing new for him. He gets on everyone’s nerves, especially Rogers’. The Judge isn’t too happy with him either. On opening day Roger is shocked to find a member of the jury panel is his mother.

Joy’s Uncle Alfred comes through with another brief. Roger sees what’s really behind it. At the book’s close his next clients are the Starlings. They’re gamblers and are just about to go into bankruptcy or prison.

If you want a break from murder and mayhem this easy going series may be what you’re looking for.

The second book, “Friends At Court” (1956) picks up Roger after twelve years.  The final book “Sober As A Judge” was published in 1958.


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