Wendy And Me (1964-65)

George Burns owns an apartment building in Southern California. The superintendant Mr. Bundy is J. Patrick O’Malley. Two of his tenants are Jeff (Ron Harper) and Wendy Conway (Connie Stevens).  He’s an airline pilot and she’s a total ditz. Like in his show with Gracie, Burns talks to the audience. Stevens’ part is over the top and instead of being cute, she’s annoying.

Typical episodes:” Wendy’s Five Thousand Dollar Chair”- Wendy and her friend Rita Talbot (Michele Carey) go shopping. At a restaurant Wendy sits in a chair that collapses.

The restaurant’s owner and lawyer want to settle. The lawyer calls her and offers a hundred dollars. She thinks it means she owes them a hundred for breaking the chair. They keep upping the offer and she keeps hanging up on them.

She tries to scam Jeff for the money by saying they’re paying for Rita’s wedding to Jeff’s friend and co-pilot Danny Adams (James T. Callahan). They have no plans on getting married.

That’s pretty much how this episode goes. Burns isn’t funny and the whole thing is just stupid.

James T. Callahan went on to another dumb sitcom, “Charles In Charge” playing Walter Powell (1987-1990).

“Call Me Or I’ll Call You”- Another incredibly stupid episode. A long opening bit with Wendy on the phone with her girlfriends telling them what to wear and not wear to her apartment for the next day’s luncheon. Jeff is bringing back a salmon for the occasion. He promises to call her from Seattle.

The phone goes out and can’t be fixed until tomorrow. George tells Mr. Bundy to tell Wendy to go to Danny’s apartment to wait for Jeff’s call. Danny has a babe over. He doesn’t get too far after Wendy arrives. The phone rings. It’s one of Danny’s girlfriends. On the sly he tells Wendy not to tell future callers he’s there. Jeff calls. Wendy hangs up on him.

She goes to the airport to place an emergency call to Jeff. On board, Jeff is telling the passengers to look out the window when the call comes through. His conversation with Wendy is on the intercom.

Considering the cast someone should have seen this disaster coming and never let it air.


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