Shoot To Kill (1947)

An okay second feature filler about a crooked Assistant D.A.

The cops are chasing and firing at escaped crook Dixie Logan’s car. The car crashes. Inside were Dixie, new D.A. Larry Dale and his wife Marion.

Reporter George “Mitch” Mitchell visits Marion in the hospital. Dixie and Larry are both dead. Everyone wonders why the three were in the same car. Via flashback, Marion tells the story to Mitch.

Mitch takes Marion to Larry’s office and gets her hired as his secretary. She was impressed by the way he got a conviction on Dixie Logan. Logan gets twenty years and tells Larry that he’ll be seeing him real soon.

Mob boss Joe Miller (Nestor Paiva) drops by Larry’s office. He’s not in. Charlie the janitor see Miller and leaves. Later he places a bug in Larry’s office. That night two of Miller’s boys go back to the courthouse to see Charlie. He’s one of Logan’s boys They toss him down an elevator shaft.

Miller tells Larry he doesn’t trust Marion and orderss him to fire her. Larry writes a note to her. His pen breaks and falls on the floor. While looking for it he spots the wire leading to the bug. It’s in Marion’s coat pocket. She convinces him she knows nothing about it.

Dixie escapes from prison. Marion and Larry get married. Walking out of the Judge’s office after the ceremony someone takes a shot at Marion. Some wedding night. It gets worse. Back at their place she tells Larry she only married him to make sure he cleans up the gangs in town and becomes D.A. What’s her real motive?

Larry says he’ll pull a double, double cross. Meanwhile the two perjured witnesses at Dixie’s trial come back to town for the rest of their money. From here the movie really stretches credibility. It’s still worth watching though since it’s a good time passer.

Two interesting things. Nestor Paiva, known for being able to play a member of any ethnic group plays it straight as Joe Miller. For music fans, boogie woogie pianist Gene Rodgers has a nice number.

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