Glory Road-Robert A. Heinlein (1963)

Heinlein’s sense of humor is in full force. This is a highly enjoyable book from page one to the finish. I’m not a huge Fantasy fan but this is one I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Evelyn Cyril Gordon is bumming around after a stint as a military adviser in Vietnam. In France at the Isle du Levant he spots a real babe. She impresses him so much he thinks of her as Helen of Troy. He spots an ad in the personal column headed “Are You A Coward?” He can’t resist seeing what it’s about.

When he goes to the address a character named Rufo is behind a desk. The person he has to talk to is in an office. Turns out it’s the babe.

She promises him adventure and transfers him along with Rufo to another planet and another universe. Due to a scar on his face she calls him Oscar. He names her Princesss and then Star. She says she needs a hero and that’s Oscar.

They’re after the Egg of the Phoenix which is in a tower. The adventure starts with Oscar facing off against an unkillabe Golem. The book is a lot of fun as the trio battles  ghost horses, dragons and more on the Glory Road to the tower.

One nice feature about the story is that it follows what happens afterwards. Oscar goes from Hero to Poodle. This is real entertainment and Oscar is a very appealing protagonist. Defintely get this one. Even if you’re not a Fantasy fan, you’ll like it.

Robert A. Heinlein


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