Monte Cristo #99-John Jakes (1970)

It’s 2116. The most powerful capitalist on Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon colonies buys an android labeled #99. He’s Don Pedro Daz and lives in Buenos Aires. He names the android Emanuel and uses him as his private secretary.

Emanuel never eats or sleeps. He has three emotions, love, hate and fear. Dax’s wife comes on strong to Emanuel but he rejects her. His daughter Isabel is not happy with an arranged marriage to take place on her twenty-first birthday. She and Emanuel are drawn to each other and eventually make plans to take off and get married. It’s set for the night she’s supposed to be married to her father’s choice.

Isabel makes a fatal mistake and Dax takes out his wrath on Emanuel.

It’s 3220. Emanuel with the help of a purple eyes girl named Siri is finally free of his Martian prison. Over all the years alone he’s been planning his revenge on the house of Dax. Siri can’t handle his hatred and leaves. Now he starts getting his plan for vengeance together.

Now it’s 3869 and Emanuel’s plan is ready to begin. He’s out to bring down the remaining members of the house of Dax. He’s on the planet Betelgeuse Prima. His plan is working well…..until…..

Overall it’s an entertaining book but there are too many convienient things available to make his plan fall into place. If you suspend logic and a rushed conclusion you can still have a good time with this.

John Jakes

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