The Twilight Zone (1959-64)

Most everyone is familar with the show so I just thought I’d list my five favorite episodes. If you’ve never seen the show or want to rewatch some of the best episodes, these are my picks… no particular order. They’re all number one.

“Time Enough At Last”- Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith) is a book lover. When one isn’t available he’ll read a ketchup bottle. He gets trapped in a bank vault during world war three. When he comes out he’s the last survivor. Jacqueline deWitt is great as his nagging wife Helen.

“A Stop At Willoughby”- James Daly is terrific as Gart Williams, an overworked businessman who’s on the verge of being fired. He’s tired of his life and dreams on the train home about a peaceful town named Willoughby. Howard Smith as his overbearing boss gives a great performance.

“The After Hours”- Anne Francis is Marsha White. She takes an elevator in a department store to the top floor to return a gift. There’s no one there except some nasty salespeople. Things continue to get stranger and stranger.

“The Invaders”- Agnes Moorehead stars in this Richard Matheson story. An old woman hears noises on her roof. She investigates and sees a tiny UFO. She’s all alone and has to battle the aliens herself. Moorehead is wonderful to watch as she runs the emotional gamut.

“To Serve Man”- Based on the classic Damon Knight story. The alien Kanamites come to Earth and show mankind how to achieve peace and prosperity. A linguistic team works to translate a book the aliens brought with them called “To Serve Man.”


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