The Galactic Invaders-James R. Berry (1976)

It starts out as an alien invasion story then nosedives into a 1950’s horror comic book mode, not the good horror comics but the real cheapies. It was fun for a while but I couldn’t get into the silliness of the evil genius with a hatred for humankind. It was a disappointing turn.

It’s 2375. Earth has colonized the galaxy. Then the invaders came. They destroyed planets with Earth colonies.  An invader ship was destroyed and as suddenly as they came that’s as sudden as they left.

Five years later they returned with a plague that wiped out entire planets. That was twenty years ago. Things are just starting to get back to normal.  Now it looks like the invaders are back again. No one has ever seen them let alone communicated with them. Then again, Cranston’s father may have seen them. He said some cryptic things to the then twelve year old Keith after the aliens were defeated.

Captain Keith Cranston is called back to Earth to see Commander Ulmstead of the Earth Federation. Before he can get there an attempt is made on Cranston’s life. Upon arrival to HQ Cranston meets Dione Clarke. Her father is in charge of an outpost that hasn’t been heard from. Cranston’s assignment is to find out why.

Dione goes on the mission with him. It’s not long after his ship reaches space that it’s under attack by an unknown assailant. Someone has informed the enemy about their mission. The only three that knew were Keith, Dione and the Commander. It still doesn’t look like it was one of them.,

When they reach the outpost they discover that it’s been destroyed and Dione’s father is dead. Just before he died he drew O-H-M on the floor.

They take off. Two bombs are attached to their starship. They deal with that and get back to Earth and are told to go to a far off planet named Greensward where they’ll find the genius Gaspard Ohm. Now it’s a drop into bad comic book land.


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