Murder-Queen High-Bob Wade & Bill Miller (1947)

A real winner from the writing duo that also used the pen names Wade Miller and Whit Masterson. If you like entertaining mysteries don’t pass this one up.

John Henry Conover and his wife St.Claire, nicknamed Sin because of the English pronunciation of her name, check into the Las Dunas Hotel in Azure, California. They won a contest on a quiz show sponsored by a toothpaste company. The jackpot was to identify a quotation. Sin remembers almost everything she reads.

The hotel owner, Barselow, runs the town. He’s looking for the Queen. One of his men, Anglin, went to The Jones’ in San Diego thinking they know where it’s located. He didn’t follow orders and Odell is told to track him down. He gets careless and shoots him in the shoulder.

The Conovers are settled in their hotel cottage ready to enjoy their free vacation. That’s when Anglin comes into their room bleeding from his wound. He thinks they’re the Jones’. From that mistaken identity John Henry and Sin get embroiled in murder, gambling and other dangers.

The hotel guests include Mr.Trim, a rep from the toothpaste company. He’s there to make sure John Henry and Sin have a great time. Thelma Loomis is a writer for a Hollywood gossip magazine and Sagmon Robottom is an archaelogist. No one is who they seem.

When they go back to their cottage all their stuff has been moved next door and the frisky Faye Jordan is in residence. The hotel says she’s an eccentric rich girl that they appease. All of the Conover’s luggage has been searched.

It reads like a Mr.and Mrs. North book but is a lot better. The Conovers are a very appealing couple and make it a fun read.


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