Night Gallery (1969-73)

Rod Serling is the host of stories that range from SF to Horror. Some are told in ten minutes and others take up the full hour. The stories are illustrated in paintings that Rod walks by as he introduces the stories.. My five favorite episodes:

“They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar”- William Windom is Randy Lane a sales director. His secretary is Lynn Alcott played by Diane Baker. Randy longs for the way things used to be. He’s unhappy with the way things have turned out for him and he’s close to being fired. He’s upset that the bar that contains  memories of better days is being torn down. He goes inside and the ghosts of the past appear. The police don’t see anything and doubt his sanity and sobriety.

I hated the ending of this but it was so good getting there that I can still watch it. Windom and Baker give what should have been award winning perormances.

“The Flip Side Of Satan”- Arte Johnson is J.J. Wilson. He’s a disc jockey that ends up at a very unusual radio station.

“The Painted Mirror”- A shop owner removes paint from a mirror.. He sees an alien landscape. It’s a perfect place to get rid of his unwanted partner.

“You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore” Cloris Leachman and Broderick Crawford star as Mr. and Mrs. Fulton. They really enjoy driving their servants nuts. A new robot maid meets the challenge and knows a lot about survival.

“The Girl With The Hungry Eyes”- A model (Joanna Pettet) has a hunger for her victim’s souls. Photographer David Faulkner is attracted to her but also frightened of her. John Astin is the client who names her “Hungry Eyes.” Joanna Pettet was always a favorite of mine and one of the most beautiful women to grace a movie and TV screen.


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