Lambda 1 And Other Stories-Edited by John Carnell

Seven stories from the British SF magazine “New Worlds.” They’re from 1961,62,63.

*”Lambda 1″ (1962 Novelette)- Colin Kapp- Railway and shipping lines have collapsed thanks to Tau Transportation. It’s possible to tunnel through Earth’s molecules. Two pieces of matter can occupy the same space at the same time without interaction. Porter is on call at the Tau Terminal. His psychologist friend Eric Brevis comes in.. He has a day to waste before heading to a medical convention. An emergency occures as a ship, the Mu Elektron , is trapped in Tau-Omega. Eleven hundred passengers are on board. The only way to try a rescue is with the raft Lambda 1 which is in a museum. One major problem is trying to keep the crew and passengers of the ship from going insane. That also goes for Porter and Brevis on Lambda 1.

*”Basis For Negotiation (1962 Novelette)- Brian W. Aldiss- America is at war with China. Now Russia has joined the Chinese against the U.S. The British Prime Minister has decided to remain neutral and not aid America. This has caused dissension in the cabinet as well as the streets. Protesters wants Britain to stay neutral. A NATO General goes off the deep end. When Aldiss was mailing this around every American magazine rejected it.

“Quest” (1963)-Lee Harding- In the future, Earth is covered with cities and run by robots. One man sets out to find something real.

“All Laced Up” (1961)- George Whitley- All she wanted was an iron railing for their home. She finds one in a junkyard. It’s cheap so she and her husband buy it. Maybe they should have left it there.

“Routine Exercise” (1961)-Philip E. High- An old fashioned time travel story involving an atomic sub. It was in the North Atlantic for some routine weapons testing. They didn’t stay there for long.

*”Flux” (1963)- Michael Moorcock- Max File is sent ten years into the future to find out what will happen to Europe. When he sees what’s going on and tries to get back he makes some unwanted discoveries about time and the universe.

“The Last Salamander” (1963)- John Rackham- In the ash plant of a boiler house a worker pulls an iron bar out of an ash hopper. It’s alive.


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