The Outer Limits (1963-65)

One of the most famous openings on TV…”There is nothing wrong with your television set..” Vic Perrin tells us  “We are controlling transmission.” I thought the series was uneven in that some episodes were very good while others fell flat and bordered on silliness.

My three favories:

“The Zanti Misfits”- The rulers of the planet Zanti can’t bring themselves to execute those they think are undesirable. Their solution? Send them to Earth.

“Soldier”- Written by Harlan Ellison and starring Michael Ansara as Quarlo, a soldier from the future. He’s accidentaly transfered to our time. He’s a killing machine. A psychiatrist (Lloyd Nolan) thinks he can reach Quarlo’s humanity.

“Demon With A Glass Hand”- Another Harlan Ellison story. Trent (Robert Culp) has no memory of his past. He’s being chased by sinister men and manages to keep ahead of them. He listens to his glass hand on what to do. It can’t tell him who he is until he finds all the fingers and reattaches them. His enemies have them. He runs across Consuelo Biros (Arlene Martel) who becomes attracted to him. “Star Trek” fans know her as T’Pring, the reluctant chosen bride of Mr. Spock in the episode, “Amok Time” written by Theodore Sturgeon.

I thought the silly episodes included “The Duplicate Man”. It was about the Megasoid, a dangerous and murderous creature. Mike Lane was the actor in the creature suit. It was so obvious that it was a guy in a suit that it took away from the episode.

The other was “The Invisible Enemy.” Adam West is Major Charles Merritt. He’s leading the first manned expedition to Mars. The crew is being bumped off by a creature that travels in circles in what looks like a lake. It looks so fake it’s laughable.


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