Captain Midnight (1954-58)

Richard Webb is Captain Midnight and Sid Melton is his co-pilot Ichabod “Icky” Mudd. Olan Soule is scientist Aristotle “Tut” Jones. Wherever there’s evil the Captain and Icky will stamp it out. After the first two years the show’s title was changed to “Jet Jackson,Flying Commando” as it went into syndication.

Typical episode: “Mission To Mexico”- The government wants the Captain and Icky to invesigate a radio transmitter in Mexico. It’s gone silent and the U.S. wants to know who’s behind it and what the last message about fissionable materials means.

South of the border the two pose as repairmen who can fix anything. A bad guy spots them and calls his boss.He says he’ll be there in a half-hour. Meanwhile the local police captain asks for their work permits. Nada. Off to jail they go.

A friendly American pays their fine and wants them to fix his electric razor. They don’t know that he’s who they’re looking for. He takes them to a pottery plant. It’s obvious they don’t make anything on site. The Captain and Icky catch on quick. So do the bad guys. The Captain and Icky are tied up and held prisoner so the bad guys can make their getaway.

They use the radio to call a ship at sea and say they’re on their way with the pottery that has radioactive elements. Will they get away it? Not if the Captain and Icky have their way.

Richard Webb played Deputy Chief Don Jagger in the 1959 series “Border Patrol.” In 1977 he appeared in the soapie “Days Of Our Lives” as General Rawlings.

Sid Melton. Name a TV series and Melton was on it at least once. He was a semi-regular on “The Danny Thomas Show” (1959-63) as Charley Halper.

Olan Soule was another character actor appearing everywhere including “Dragnet 1967” and as Fred Springer on “Arnie” (1970-71).

Sid Melton-Richard Webb

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