Captain Video And His Video Rangers (1949-1955)

Every Honeymooners fans knows this was Ed Norton’s favorite show. It drew kids and adults during its run. The Captain (Richard Coogan) guarded the world from his mountain top headquarters just like Captain Midnight would do a few years later. He took orders from Commissioner Bell. His nemisis was the evil Dr.Pauli (Hal Conklin). Richard Coogan was replaced by Al Hodge (1950-55). The props looked like they were rescued from a dumpster outside a 5 & 10. The show offered decoder rings and space helmets…just like Norton wore.

Typical episode: “Captain Video Prepares To Visit Regus”- This episode just laid there. I don’t know all the planets names but a planet of good guys defeated a planet of bad guys on the planet Regus. Now Captain Video and his Ranger are supposed to go to Regus to deliver terms from the victors.

On Regus the evil ruler plans an ambush for the Captain. He heard a message sent to the outer limits by the evil Dr.Pauli to the female ruler of another planet. The ruler of Regus plots to bring her to his planet. She’ll be in a clever disguise and the Captain won’t recognize her. Will this be the end of the Captain? Tune in next week.

For whatever reason there was a Western that came on twice during the episode. The first time it was after Captain Video wondered how his agent was doing. His agent is Whistler, a Marshal. Thanks to his pal Tommy he got the best of a lynch mob and forced them to walk back to town.

Richard Coogan gave the show up in 1950 to concentrate on Broadway. He was Marshal Matthew Wayne on “The Californians” (1958-59). He also appeared in episodes of “Laramie” (1960-63).

Hal Conklin hammed it up as Dr.Pauli. He’d cackle, rub his hands and put an evil grin on his face. He was so believable to kids that some gave him a hard time when they saw him on the street. Between 1922 and 1932 he wrote a number of screenplays.

Hal Conklin as Dr.Pauli

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2 Responses to Captain Video And His Video Rangers (1949-1955)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    If I remember rightly from a book about the DuMont Network, the Western bits in Captain Video started out as a way of buying time for the actors and stagehands and such to prepare for the next scenes (as the show started out live) and they could get old Western serials cheap. And then they just sort of carried on because the show always had them, so, who wants to mess with a successful thing?

  2. vintage45 says:

    That’s all true. Dumont really operated on a show string.

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