My Friend Irma (1952-54)

Marie Wilson

Sitcom based on the hit movie and radio show. Marie Wilson is the ditzy Irma Peterson. She and her roommate Jane Stacy live in a New York apartment. Irma works as a secretary for a lawyer. The second season brought in Mary Shipp as her new roommate Kay. Irma’s five year old nephew Bobby also moved in. Irma got a new boyfriend named Joe is season two to compete with boyfriend Al. In the second season Kay introduces the show and talks to the audience again once during it and then at the end. It takes some getting used to but if you view it as a time piece you might enjoy it.

Typical episodes: “Irma Gets Engaged” – Bobby comes home loaded with candy. He’s not supposed to tell who gave it to him but it’s not too tough to find out that Irma’s boyfriend Joe gave it to him. He also said something about giving Irma a ring.

Joe comes over and he does give her a ring. Irma leaves to show it off to a neighbor. Joe bought it from a friend named Sandra. She broke off her engagement and that’s why she sold Joe the ring. Irma doesn’t know that. When Joe leaves the phone rings. Irma answers. It’s Sandra for Joe. Any message? Tell Joe the deal’s off and she wants the ring back.

Now the mix up begins as Irma goes to work. Her boss is working on a case involving a bigamist. She now thinks that’s what Joe is and she breaks off the engagement. Hold on. She dropped the ring down the sink. The engagemen’ts back on because she’s afraid she’ll be arrested if she doesn’t return the ring. The plumber gets the ring out. Engagement’s off.

The doorbell. It’s Sandra. Everything is straightened out. The engagement may be back on later. That’s left up in the air.

“Dating Barrington” – Irma comes home at 4am. She doesn’t say where she’s been. She also brings home gifts of jewelry. Kay’s newspaper boyfriend Brad Jackson (Gerald Mohr) shows Kay an article. It’s about Thomas Barrington, Jr involved in a nightclub brawl…again. 

Irma’s other boyfriend Al comes over for his date. She says she has to work and leaves. Al and Kay see her getting into a big car. Her boss Mr.Clyde has lent her secretarial services to Thomas Barrington, Sr. (Lloyd Corrigan). The two are working on a land deal so Barrington can build a jet plane factory. It’s strictly confidential.

Barrington’s the one giving Irma the gifts since he appreciates what she’s doing. He also gives her a mink stole. He has a special white phone installed in his hotel room office. It’s connected to his real estate broker. Under no circumstances is Irma to use it.

Back at the apartment Al and Kay get the license number of a car picking Irma up. They ask Brad to trace it. He tells them it belongs to Thomas Barrington,Jr. They don’t know it but he left a few days ago for Chicago and Sr. lent the car to Irma.

Al, Brad and Kay go to the hotel looking for Barrington,Jr. Inside the office Irma and Barrington,Sr. are setting up a celebration with Champagne and cake. Listening at the door it sounds like something else. Al goes to bust the door down just as Irma is opening it. He lands on the couch.

Brad sees the land map and knows what’s going on. Seeing a big story he tears out of there. Earlier Mr.Clyde wrapped up the final parcel of land and kept trying to call the office. The line’s busy. Irma is on the phone to Macy’s buying a gift for Kay. The running gag is that whenever she hangs up, she picks the phone up again and says, “Bye.”

At this point it looks like the land deal is off. No it isn’t. They can’t figure out why everything is okay.  The reason why is a bit of a surprise.

Marie Wilson played Irma in two movies including the 1949 hit “My Friend Irma.” She also played the part in the hit radio show.

Gerald Mohr appeared in many movies and TV shows. He played Christopher Storm in “Foreign Intrigue” (1954-55). In 1967-68 he was the voice of Mr.Fantastic in “The Fantastic Four.

Gerald Mohr

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