Rocketship X-M (1950)

I’ve found the cure for insomnia. I’ve also found the worst SF movie of the 50’s. Nothing that came after, no matter how bad, could induce a coma like sensation in a viewer like this snooze fest.

Four guys and a gal are about to take off for the Moon. Before boarding the ship they have to have a press conference. Why not.  They have plenty of time. A whole seventeen minutes until lift off.

Dr.Fleming (Morris Ankrum) introduces the crew. Pilot Col.Floyd Graham (Lloyd Bridges), Navigator Harry Chamerlain (Hugh O’Brien), Physicist Dr.Eckstrom (John Emery), his lovely assistant Dr.Lisa Van Horn (Osa Massen) and last but not least Major Corrigan (Noah Beery,Jr.). Not sure what he does except annoy everyone by constantly saying he’s from Texas.

With five minutes to go before lift off it’s time to get on board. All movie viewers should set their alarms for forty-nine minutes. That’s when they finally land on….the Moon?


Somehow they were forced to take a right turn and head for Mars. Hear the wind blowing? Maybe someone opened the window. Too bad those meteorites missed the ship. They may have stopped the movie. At least Major Corrigan’s harmonica escaped during weighlessness.

It’s a successful landing. Just their luck they landed in the middle of a thunderstorm. Good thing Mars has a breathable atmosphere. No need for those bulky spacesuits.

What is that? It looks like the ruins of a city. Maybe the radiation in the air had something to do with it. Time for a nap. Major Corrigan is on watch. He lets out a heads up. People! It’s a dame! She screams! Now her companions, Tor Johnson look-a-likes, start throwing rocks at our intrepid explorers. As Dr.Eckstrom says, “From Atomic Age to Stone Age.”

Uh-oh. Dr.Eckstrom is down for the count. Someone scored a bullseye. Time to hustle back to the thing that looks like a large lipstick container, better known as  Rocket X-M.

Lift off! Whew! That was close! Time for Col.Graham to continue hitting on Dr. Van Horn. Well will you look at that. She’s turn from Lisa the uptight woman scientist into Lisa the vulnerable girl. See what space can do?

Now the question is, will they get back to Earth? Turns out Mars disn’t have any gas stations so they couldn’t fill up. They’re running on empty. The suspense is as exciting as watching the glaze fall off a doughnut.

Noah Beery,Jr became well known to TV fans as Joseph “Rocky” Rockford in “The Rockford Files” (1974-80).

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