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Private’s Progress (1956)

British war comedy about a naive army recruit and his uncle’s art scam. A lot of subtle humor and well worth seeing.  Stanley Windrush (Ian Carmichael) is called from University to the army towards the end of the war. After barely … Continue reading

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If You Got To Ask You Ain’t Got It-Fats Waller 3 CD SET

My collection is loaded with Waller material. Being a huge fan I would recommend his music to everyone no matter what their taste. This sixty-six track collection is a great way to get familar with a genuine master. CD #1 highlights … Continue reading

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PDQ (1965)

Still another game show hosted by Dennis James. This one is a fast paced word game. This is the pilot episode. The Home Team is Stubby Kaye and actor Dick Patterson. The Visitors are a contestant and a celebrity guest. … Continue reading

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Doc Ford Series-Randy Wayne White (1990- )

Long running series about marine biologist Marion “Doc” Ford. He’s a former NSA operative and is based in Sanibel Island, Florida trying to come down from the tension of the past ten years. The latest one is “Night Visions” (2011).  This … Continue reading

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1984 (1956) (1984)

  George Orwell’s widow didn’t like this filmed version and others thought it wasn’t nearly dark enough  There were several glaring omissions from the book and I just didn’t buy Edmond O’Brien as Winston Smith. In fact Orwell’s widow Sonia hated … Continue reading

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Planet Of The Dreamers(Wine Of The Dreamers)-John D. MacDonald (1951)

Before Travis McGee and a truckload of Gold Medal originals, MacDonald put out a few SF novels and short stories. This is an interesting one about a planet determined to keep Earth from achieving spaceflight. It’s 1975.  Scientist Bard Lane and Psychiatrist … Continue reading

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The Very Best Of Marilyn Monroe 2 CD Set

Forty tracks. Marilyn was not the world’s greatest vocalist but she had a special charm and you can’t help but smile when you listen to her. There is something special about this collection that makes it unique. Marilyn was defintely … Continue reading

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Cain’s Girl Friend-William Grote (1957)/Uneasy Lies The Head-William L. Rohde (1957)

Good one about a man looking into his brother’s death. It was judged an accident but he’s sure it was murder. Steve Lindstrom is back in L.A. after six years. He’s been busy running a string of gyms. His brother … Continue reading

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Zorro (1957-59)

The bad guys in 1820’s California don’t have a chance against Don Diego de la Vega when he turns into the masked Zorro. He can carve a “Z” into anything with the best of them. Guy Williams is Zorro and … Continue reading

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Duologue-Lee Wiley-Ellis Larkins (1954)

Twelve tracks from one of the finest voices. By the time the 50’s came around she started making a comeback. Larkins is only on four tracks the other eight are a quartet featuring Ruby Braff-Trumpet, Jimmy Jones-Piano, Bill Pemberton-Bass and … Continue reading

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