The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show (1950-58)


I still like watching this show. The plots lines were thin but it didn’t matter. This show was about George talking to the audience and Gracie being Gracie. One of TV’s most entertaining shows.

Typical episodes: “Gracie’s Checking Account” (1950) – George talks to the audience about his attempts to find anything Gracie ever said that makes sense. He can’t think of anything. Gracie comes home and goes next door. Harry (Hal March) is signing some letters and Gracie keeps staring at him. She says she just likes to watch men work.

Back home a banker calls on George. He wants him to keep Gracie out of the bank because she’s driving everyone crazy. He wants George to cancel Gracie’s checking account. George says he will and now tries to figure out how to do it. Maybe he’ll buy her a present. He settles on flowers.

Announcer Bill Goodwin stops by. He and George try and figure out a tactic he can use to tell Gracie. That all leads to a commercial. Gracie comes home and George gives her the flowers. This leads to a clever routine in which Gracie keeps moving flowers from vase to vase while relating a story of what happened to her while in an exchange line at a department store. It’s very well done.

Gracie tells George she wants to close her checking account because she’s not happy with the bank. They go to close the show but run out of time.

Bill Goodwin left the show after nineteen episodes and was replaced by Harry Von Zell. Hal March left after fifteen episodes and was replaced by Fred Clark.

“Gracie’s Ring” (1952) – After rehearsal George gets a call from Jack Benny. He left his toupee there. George says he’ll bring it to him. In comes Gracie. She’s lost her engagement ring…..again. George tells the audience a maid found it in the powder room and he has it. He wants to keep it for a while to teach Gracie a lesson.

At the Burn’s home, neighbors Blanche (Bea Benaderet) and Harry (Fred Clark) look for it. Upset because Blanche didn’t prepare his lunch, Harry raids the fridge and helps himself.

They leave and a cop stops by with a pickpocket named Fingers. He wants to know if Gracie can ID him. That leads to a funny scene with Gracie doing her thing. George walks in as Gracie leaves to go over the script for that night’s show. George shows the cop the ring.

Fingers gives George some tips on what pocket to keep the ring in so it’s safe. When George goes to finally give Gracie the ring back, it’s gone. Later at the studio it all gets resolved. Then it’s the usual quick show closing with a few jokes from George and Gracie.

Bea Benaderet is known as Gertrude the switchboard operator on “The Jack Benny Program” and the voice of Mother Magoo on “Mister Magoo” in 1960. Then things really took off when she played Cousin Pearl Bodine, Jethro’s mother on “The Beverly Hillbillies.”  Then she got her own show “Petticoat Junction” where she played Kate Bradley (1963-69).

Character actor Fred Clark appeared in numerous movies and TV shows and is easily recognizable.

Fred Clark

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