Kaleidoscope-Harry Turtledove

Thirteen stories from 1984,85,86,87,88,90.

Favorites: “Crybaby” (1987) – A newborn is raising havoc. His father swears the baby has a smug look on his face everytime he interrupts some activity. It’s driving him crazy.

“Hindsight” (1984 novelette) – A SF writer tells his editor he’s been ripped off. The two journey to L.A. to track down the author. It’s only a name on a post officer box. Their investigation leads to an interesting discovery of where the writer’s ideas are coming from and why the writer is here.

“Gentlemen Of The Shade” (1988 novelette) – Jack The Ripper is causing headaches for London’s vampires. The group decides to take matters into their own hands.

“The Boring Beast” w/Kevin R. Sandes (1988) – Very funny send up of the Conan type story. The hero is Condom The Trojan who has a lot more muscles than brains.

Harry Turtledove


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I'm a big fan of vintage books,movies,TV shows and music. I encourage everyone to patronize your local used book/record store and pick up some of the good stuff. My posts are capsule reviews of some favorites that you may want to investigate. The albums posted aren't really reviews but items from my collection that are still available. I try and point out highlights of each one and let the music speak for itself. Thanks to all for checking out the blog.
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